October 26. War’s end for Ulster Division. Roll of Honour

On this day in 1918, twenty-year-old Jack Darling from Enniskillen died. He was the last Portoran to die in the war. In his entry in today’s Roll of Honour are the citations for his Military Cross and Bar. In the action for which he was awarded the MC, he was wounded twice and he refused to leave his men. The Bar was awarded for an action near Hill 41 about 10 miles east of Ypres. The account of the action is still inspirational. Also today in 1918, the Ulster Division is ordered that at night, they would be relieved from the Frontline. When relieved the War for the Ulster Division would be over, as they will go into the reserve and rest until the armistice. In 1941 Submariner Henry Walmsley from Kilkeel is lost hitching a lift in a sub from Malta to the UK. In 1942 Joseph Willett from Portrush serving in the Fleet Air Arm is lost in an air accident at Cape Town. 1943 reflects Irish Fusiliers’ fight in Italy. In 1944 William Hetherington from Londonderry dies in India, four months after his brother’s loss. Both serving in RAF.

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