October 31. Sailors in the trenches 1. Roll of Honour

Many men from every part of NI served with the Royal Naval Division in WW1. They took part in every major land battle. They were sailors serving as infantry. They kept their ranks and naval traditions. Jack Caton from Muckamore transferred to the RND from the Royal Irish Rifles. His only child was born after his death. His wife and son moved to her home town, Northampton after the war. His son Jack Sydney Caton served in the RAF in World War II and was a PoW in Germany after being shot down. In 1941 Robert Connell a 25-year-old graduate in law from QUB died serving in the RAF. His remains rest in his native Limavady in Drumachose Presbyterian Churchyard. The entries for 1942 to 1944 reflect the campaigns in North Africa, Italy, and the Netherlands. John Spence from Carrickfergus was with the armoured corps at El Alamein in 1942, James Orr from Derry’s Waterside was with the Hampshire Regiment at Minturno in Italy in 1943, and in 1944 Robert Browne from Coleraine fell with the Royal Scots near Limburg in the Netherlands.

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