December 4. North Irish Horsemen become Fusiliers. Limavady’s Arctic Star. Roll of Honour.

Robert Kerr from Derrygonnelly, Enniskillen, died this day in 1918, in a Hamburg hospital, after the Armistice which brought about the end of the war. His record in today’s Roll tells how men attached to mounted regiments had to adapt to the modern weapons of warfare. The title North Irish Horse (Royal Irish Fusiliers) reflects this. The greatest ally in 1941 was the winter on the Russian front. Temperatures of -37C ground the German assault to a halt. Three infanteers – Stanley Henderson from Belfast, Peter Treanor from Crossmaglen, and John Smillie from Ballymena, who fell in 1943 are remembered at the Sangro River War Cemetery, Italy. Patrick Gallagher was a member of Limavady RN Association. He joined HMS Ganges in 1934. In the war, he served in HMS Norfolk and was involved in the hunt for the Bismark in 1941, and later served in HMS Norfolk on Arctic convoys. He was aged 94 when he received the Arctic Star. St. Julien is one of the multitude of war cemeteries in Europe. Photos today are a reminder that their present-day layout and well-kept appearance are a far cry from the conditions in which they started.

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