December 15. HMS Galatea  – ship with superb war record sank in three minutes. Roll of Honour

15 men from NI were lost when HMS Galatea was sunk by a U-Boat in 1941. ‘Twinem’ Matchett from Hillsborough was a pigeon fancier. Ephraim Scott from Lisburn had served in China and Palestine. Tom McLaughlin from Limavady was 20 years old. James Jackson from Ballyclare was one of two brothers to die in RN service. His brother William was lost in action in HMS Dorsetshire. Andrew McFadden from Ballymena was washed overboard in 1915. John Croskery from Portaferry was a U-boat victim in 1917. In 1942 Gunner officer David Bell from Ballymena died on the notorious Japanese camps along the Burma Siam Railway. Today in 1944 US Army Air Force Band leader and trombonist Glenn Miller was lost on a flight from England to France where he was to make arrangements for a Christmas broadcast. The plane never reached France and no trace of it or its occupants was ever found.

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