December 24. Two exceptional women. Roll of Honour

Remembered today are Ruth Dickson and Frances Mayne. Ruth from Eglish served as a nurse in WW1. In 1923, she became a Presbyterian Missionary nurse in Manchuria, China. In September, 1941, she got caught up in the war and enlisted as a nurse. In 1943 Ruth was captured and became a Japanese prisoner of war. Late in 1944, she contracted malaria and died on Christmas Eve. Frances from Newtownards was sister to Lt Colonel Robert Blair (Paddy) Mayne 1st S.A.S. (S.R.S.) DSO (3bars). She served with the Royal Artillery. Alan Bradshaw a former Dungannon RS student was recalled to serve 1939 – 45 when he played a key role in the success of Bletchley Hall where the German naval Enigma Code was deciphered. Eric Bowman from Bangor died in 1941 serving in the RAF. His brother was also to die in RAF service. 

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