December 30. NI men served on highjacked spyship. Roll of Honour

Two Royal Marines and a naval officer were lost when the WW2 spyship HMS Felicity was sunk this day in 1942. One of the crew’s specialism was in getting agents ashore. The Marines including William Bradley from Derry and John Kelly from Armagh were part of an elite special operations troop whose number has never been re-issued. The RN Reserve officer was William White from Belfast who had  been mentioned in despatches for his action when a previous ship had been torpedoed. In 1943 2nd Btn London Irish Rifles (RUR) mounted a guard of honour in Italy as General Montgomery said farewell to the 8th Army to become C-in-C of the British Group of Armies under General Eisenhower. In today’s veterans is Norman Brann, wartime Gunner officer at Dunkirk and Burma. Nick-named “The man from Del Monte” when he negotiated a deal for his Belfast fruit importing company.

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