January 6. Veterans rich vein of service. Roll of Honour

Today’s Veterans provide a rich vein of service both military and civilian. Alex Miller from Portstewart survived the sinking of HMS Majestic (Photo) in the Dardanelles. Before the War he was a pilot of Coleraine Harbour Company. He was drowned off Portstewart on 6 January 1923 while working as a pilot. He is named on the Parish War Memorial. Naval Surgeon Sir Eric Bradbury from Maze, Lisburn, served in ships and hospitals in WW2. Promoted to flag rank in 1966 when he became a Surgeon Rear Admiral, and an honorary physician to HM the Queen. Ballymena born William McNabney served in the Royal Engineers, Ulster Division, during WW1, sustaining injuries during the Battle of the Somme. These injuries resulted in his death many years later. He died on 06/01/1941 aged 57 at the UVF Hospital at Craigavon House, Belfast. His son Thomas McNabney died less than six months earlier on 04/07/1940 on board HMS Foylebank in Portland Bill during the Battle of Britain. David Moir from Belfast served with the North Irish Horse. Discharged on 06/01/1919 he emigrated later to the USA. Moir’s two brothers also served in the war: George Harris Moir in the South African Defence Forces and as a captain in the Royal Air Force, and Stewart Harris Moir, in the NIH and Royal Air Force. 

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