January 10. Ballymena’s most decorated WW1 soldier. Navy doctor helped develop NI hospitals. Roll of Honour

Fred Allen interrupted his medical studies at Queen’s University, Belast, to serve as a RN Surgeon Probationer. During and after WW2 he made a significant contribution to the development of hospitals in NI. In 1941 Chief Petty Officer Thomas Harrison from Belfast died in HMS Illustrious in an attack off Malta. Petty Officer Jamison from Lisburn survived the sinking of HMS Southampton in the same action. In 1942 Thomas Delaney from Ballymena and his crew members were lost when their Wellington Bomber had an accident en route to Germany. Lisburn 20-year-old Ian Phillips of the Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers died in a Japanese PoW camp in Burmah in 1943. The following year John Foster a Gunner from Cullybackey died. Photo – Beaumont-Hamel British Cemetery, Somme. 

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