January 12. QUB students – WW1 Naval apprentice surgeon;   WW2 Airborne law student warrior. Roll of Honour.

Two clergy sons feature in today’s Roll. Louis Story was an Instonian whose father was rector of Christ Church, Durham Street, Belfast which is now part of the Inst campus. Louis was a QUB medical student serving as a surgeon probationer in HMS Opal which was lost in a storm in 1918. Mervyn Dennison, son of a Methodist minister, interrupted his studies at Queen’s to serve with the Royal Ulster Rifles before joining the Parachute Regiment in WW2. His is a remarkable story of wartime and peace. Injury during war and suffering afterwards was the sad lot of Matthew Weir. He was discharged following 14 medical operations after wounds to his leg and two attacks of pneumonia. He died this day in 1919. He and his brother William are named on Larne WM. Harry Hamilton of Portstewart survived the Somme, being a German POW, and having pneumonia after being released at the end of the War. Harry was the agent-in-charge of the L.M.S. Railway Station at Magilligan. Photo – Lone Pine Cemetery. 

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