January 14. Ulster’s Searchlight Gunners at Dunkirk. Roll of Honour

The WW2 entries in today’s Roll of Honour reflect the retreat to Dunkirk by an Ulster Searchlight Royal Artillery Regiment and the war waged from the air over occupied Europe in 1944. Alexander Millar of the 3rd (Ulster), Searchlight Regiment of the Royal Artillery, died this day in 1940 in the defence of Dunkirk. The 3rd (Ulster) was sworn in on a Belfast Indian summer evening in September 1939. From these 1,000 young gunners, one Battery (12th ) went on to light up the skies over Dunkirk, assisting the French Anti-Aircraft defence. In 1944 RAF air crew Sydney Colbert and Samuel Stevenson from Belfast, and Robert McLaren from Six Mile Cross, a medical student at QUB, died over Germany and Holland. Today’s WW1 veteran is Sam Anderson of Coleraine and Portstewart who served with the Royal Garrison Artillery in WW1 and lived to 80 years of age. Roy Henderson served in the RAF in WW2. He was CEO of Derry Council and later served as Chief Executive of RBL (NI) Housing Assoc. Now Clanmil.

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