January 26. Australia Day. Son of Belfast shipyard founder. First US troops deploy in WW2. Roll of Honour

The Australian National Memorial at Villers-Bretonneux is a memorial to 62,000 Australian personnel who died during the First World War and over 40,000 in the Second World War. Many NI men who had emigrated returned with Australian forces as local war memorials here testify. In 1916 Edward (Ted) Workman, only son of Frank Workman, one of the founders of Workman Clark, Shipbuilders, died. A graduate of Trinity College, Cambridge, he was awarded (posthumously) the Military Cross. On this day in 1942, American soldiers arrived in Belfast. They are the first US troops deployed to Europe in WW2. Three RAF personnel died on that day. William Anderson and Samuel Goodwin are remembered in Singapore. Frederick Miley died at home in Bangor from an illness conracted serving in the Middle East. Robert Irvine a former member of the 80th Company, Boys’ Brigade (Donegall Pass Presbyterian Church), dies in 1945 after an accident at sea.

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