February 15. Newry pilot’s DFC and 14 bombing missions. Roll of Honour

Robert Nugent from Belfast had served in China and India before WW1. He took part in the Gallipoli landing before serving in France. He was wounded on the Somme in January 1917 and died on this day at a Military Hospital in Rouen. In 1918 Sam Finlay from Ballymena fell serving with Canadian Infantry in France. Robert Carson from Omagh served in the Marines in both World Wars. He died in a traffic accident in 1941. William Dempster from Killyleagh was one of twenty to die in 1942 when the cruiser Cleopatra was bombed near Malta. On the same day Daniel Lamont from Ballymoney and John McBride from Enniskillen died serving with the RAF in Singapore. David McConnell from Newry was a holder of the DFC. He completed 14 bombing missions before his loss in 1944. Naval gunner Harold Malcolm survived his ship being sunk off Spain in 1941 and four years of PoW camps in Germany and Poland. Photo – 88 years after its original formation, 502 (Ulster) Squadron, RAF Reserve, reformed at Aldergrove in 2013. There is a Memorial in St Anne’s Cathedral, Belfast, naming those from the squadron who died in WW2.

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