March 13. Larne naval surgeon became postwar medical pioneer. Roll of Honour

The wreckage of a German Messerschmitt Bf 109 is towed past the Palace of Westminster in London, 1940. In 1915 two Royal Irish Riflemen from Lisburn and Belfast died in France. Stewart O’Fee a RN schoolmaster died in the flu epidemic. His remains rest in his native Kilrea. A family headstone in Derriaghy Churchyard points to two brothers Ritchie who died with Canadian Infantry this day in 1916 and with the Royal Irish Rifles during the Battle of the Somme. In 1941 Samuel Jess from Killyleagh died over Hamburg. He had survived an earlier plane crash in which the pilot was Robert Aubrey Doherty from Dundonald, a former pupil at Regent House Grammar School, Newtownards. OTD in 1944 Leading Wren Jessie Stewart married Corporal Henry K Midkiff, USMC, in St Columba’s Cathedral, Londonderry. In 1945 The Faughs were engaged in a grenade duel on the Senio River, Italy. Today’s veteran is George Adams a wartime naval surgeon and a peacetime medical pioneer.

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