March 25. Kaiserschlacht WW1. Operation Varsity WW2. Roll of Honour

Dungannon born John Tackaberry was serving as the medical officer with the 31st Punjabi Regiment when he died from cerebral-spinal meningitis in 83 Stationary Hospital, Nasiryah. He is remembered at Basra War Cemetery, southern Iraq and on Dungannon WM. The 1918 entries in today’s Roll continue to reflect the cost of resisting the German Spring offensive – the Kaiserschlacht. Amongst them were James Johnston a former trooper with the North Irish Horse serving with the Royal Irish Fusiliers, and Robert McGeown from Lisburn. In WW2 Hugh Marks, an Old Portoran medic from Coleraine is lost at sea, when the Steamship Britannia traveling from Freetown to Bombay is attacked and sunk. Closer to home two men died in local military hospitals. Royal Ulster Rifleman Joseph McCullough from Bangor died of wounds received in Operation Varsity. He was aged 19. Photo – Kaiserschlacht: German soldiers advancing through Etricourt in March 1918. This village had been a British rest area prior to that.

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