March 26. Whippet tanks released against German Spring Offensive. Roll of Honour

Six sons of the Thompson famiy of Gobnascale House, Londonderry served in WW1. William who died this day in 1918 was the third son to be killed in action. Four North Irish Horse also died this day in 1918 including George Henry MM from Cookstown who was the bodyguard of Sir John French when he was Commander-in-Chief in WW1. Five RN men from NI were lost in HMS Jaguar in 1942 including Allan Lamont whose father’s name is on Bushmills War Memorial. In 1945 David McGrath from Coleraine died serving in the Royal Irish Fusiliers. An older brother, Captain William McGrath, DSO, Royal Engineers, was killed in North Africa in 1942. Both were former CAI students. Henry Watson from Gilford was pilot of a Dakota which disappeared without trace over the South China sea. Three remarkable veterans complete today’s Roll. Discover why one famous submariner never rolled up his sleeves for TV interviews. Photo – Whippet Firefly of F Battalion in The Museum of the Army in Brussels. A “Whippet” tank went into action for the first time on this day in 1918 against the German Spring Offensive. John Harrison from Belfast helped to develope the early tanks. His story is here.

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