May 1. Sea Cadets leader lost serving in RN reserve. Roll of Honour

Eighteen-year-old Andrew McGugan from Coleraine and John Irwin from Limavady were lost in the destroyer HMS Punjabi in 1942 when she was rammed by HMS King George V in the Arctic Ocean after turning into the battleship’s path to avoid a possible mine. On the same day Irvine Reilly, a naval reservist from HMS Caroline was lost in HMS Amazon. He was the Chief Petty Officer of the Sea Cadets at Sinclair Seamen’s Church, Belfast. Today’s veterans include WW1 naval gunner James Bacon from Portstewart and Davey Fallis from Enniskillen who met his wife in Portrush prior to taking part in the WW2 attack by the North Irish Horse on the Hitler Line in Italy. Photo – Gallipoli remembrance.

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