May 3. Limavady’s ‘Happy Amateur’ was outstanding Commando. Roll of Honour

On 3rd May 1915, Lt. Col. John McCrae, a Canadian medical officer, penned his now-famous poem, “In Flanders Fields”. Today’s Roll begins in 1915 with two Royal Marines, Samuel Long from Belfast and Thomas Mills from Derry who are named on the Helles Memorial at Gallipoli. Three from the Royal Irish Fusiliers fell in 1917. John Boal from Crumlin, Alex Heasley from Broomhedge, and Tom Gallagher from Lurgan are named on the Arras Memorial in France. Vincent Price was lost in HMS Afridi off Norway in 1940. His father Arthur, a verger at Belfast Cathedral, had served as a gun layer in the RN. Our veteran remembered is Ian Smith MC of Limavady, who died in his nineties. He had a long and eventful life, in which he fought Nazis, Greek Communists, and Italian Fascists, and was almost blown up in Randalstown during a paramilitary carjacking.

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