May 18. Monte Cassino taken. Roll of Honour

On this day in 1944, Allied forces captured Monte Cassino, Italy, after 123 days of heavy fighting. 55,000 Allied troops became casualties. It took four separate battles before the Abbey was finally taken by part of a multinational force of 20 divisions assaulting across a front of 20 miles. There are 31 unique stories of service in today’s Roll. William Cummings, a doctor from Dungannon and a well known Queen’s rugby player, was killed in the WW1 battle around Bullecourt. John Hood, son of a Larne family, died in Lybia in the Australian Infantry in WW2. James McCalmont was the first Glenarm man to be lost at sea in WW2. When the Princess Victoria was taken over by the Admiralty for mine laying, he went along with the vessel. Robert Brown from Armoy died serving in the Royal Navy out of Colombo, Ceylon/Sri Lanka.

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