May 24. NI losses in HMS Hood sunk by Bismarck. Roll of Honour.

Petty Officer James Lynch from LImavady and George Shearer from Portrush were among the 14 men from NI lost in HMS Hood in 1941 in an attempt to sink the Bismarck. George Browne from Coleraine died in the same action in HMS Shikari. Cecil McCrum from Milford, the son of the inventor of the penalty kick in soccer, was a captain and second in command in the Hood in 1930’s. Three grandsons of the Brooke family from Colebrooke residing in Aberdeen died in WW1. Patrick Brooke died in HMS Courageous in 1917. His brother James won the VC in October 1914. Photo – the New Forest Church with the Hood Memorial Chapel.

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