May 26. Operation Dynamo at Dunkirk. Attacking the Bismarck. Roll of Honour.

The Roll of Honour today reflects the battles around Dunkirk in 1940. Among the fallen are men from Coleraine, Dollingstown, Doagh, Enniskillen, and Londonderry serving with the Royal Artillery, Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers, Seaforth Highlanders, and the Leicestershire Regiment. In 1941 Swordfish Torpedo-bombers from the Ark Royal score hits on the Bismarck enabling British destroyers to finish the job. In 1945 the Irish Brigade are coping with Cossacks in Austria. 25,000 Cossack troops (who had been fighting as allies of Germany) were not enthusiastic about being handed over to the Red Army. In 1914 the 2nd Inniskillings played a key role when the British forces, then in retreat from Mons, turned on the pursuing Germans and checked their advance at Le Cateau. Then began the long march back, the 2nd Inniskillings being detailed as rearguard to the 4th Division. Painting – Fairey Swordfish aircraft from HMS Ark Royal attack the German Battleship, Bismarck, with torpedoes. Courtesy of Ron Cole.

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