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May 14 – First RAF VC of WW2 awarded to Irish pilot this week

Newspaper reports. RH and events On this day

May 13 – 23 from NI lost in sinking of HMS Goliath off Gallipoli

Newspaper reports. RH and events On this day

May 12 – The final attack on Monte Cassino

RAF Bomber Command ops log. Ulster Division parade 1915

May 11 – Top U boat hunter was RN Reservist from Derry

Read here about his skill and humanity. Plus RH and in OTD, Hell fire corner on the Menin road.

May 10 – U boats surrender 1945

Ulster Division review in Belfast 1915. Blitz on Houses of Parliament. Churchill becomes PM 1940. RH

May 9 – RN takes Enigma machine from U boat

NI horse photo. Belfast woman with seven sons serving in WW1. Every day is a remembrance day.

May 8 – VE Day celebrations in Halifax, Canada, get out of control

Newspaper reports on Ulster Division parade Belfast 1915.

April 10 – Carrickfergus survivor of first battle of Narvik

Nurses lost in WW1 hospital ship. Bataan death march. RH & OTD