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June 13 – D Day Rifleman’s campaigns. Roll of Honour

Stanley Burrowes from Lisburn saw action on the Normandy beaches, in Cambes Woods, and Denmark. Three women are in today’s Roll. One died as a VAD nurse in WW1 and a WAAF from Enniskillen died in WW2. Today’s veteran is Third Officer Hazel Dolling… Continue Reading “June 13 – D Day Rifleman’s campaigns. Roll of Honour”

June 05 – NI men who died with Kitchener. Rome freed. Roll of Honour

The 12 NI men who died with Kitchener in HMS Hampshire in 1916 included a young doctor who was the Commanding Officer of the Irish National Volunteers in Belfast. On this day in 1944, Rome celebrated its liberation and a Royal Air Force meteorologist… Continue Reading “June 05 – NI men who died with Kitchener. Rome freed. Roll of Honour”

April 24 – Roll of Honour. Military Medal for Royal Ulster Rifles Corporal

Records of 20 NI men. RUR Corporal awarded MM in WW2. On This Day review of major events of the war years. Photo: The smallest but very intimate Jerusalem War Cemetery, Chouain.

December 22 – The TA officer and MP mostly responsible for Caubeens

Jack Macnamara, who was killed on this day in 1944, was largely responsible for the wearing of the caubeen by the London Irish Rifles in 1937. It was later adopted by the Skins and Faughs, and the rest. Portrait is of Bala Bredin.

A Happy Navy Christmas

This week, on December 17th, 2019, an RAF F-35B Lightning jet took off from the flight deck of HMS Queen Elizabeth, the Royal Navy aircraft carrier, at Portsmouth Naval Base. The ship recently carried out flight trials in the US with the new combat… Continue Reading “A Happy Navy Christmas”

Royal Irish homecoming – more photographs

The Belfast Newsletter carried a two-page photo feature

Royal Irish homecoming parade, Newtownards – December 14, 2019

A selection of photographs

HMS Galatea – ship with superb war record sank in three minutes

HMS Galatea was sunk northwest of Alexandria on 14/12/1941 by the German submarine U-557. 469 men including at least 12 from Northern Ireland, were killed. Captain Sim died with 21 of his officers and 447 ratings. About 100 survivors were picked up by the… Continue Reading “HMS Galatea – ship with superb war record sank in three minutes”