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November 1 – NI links to major naval battle off Chile in WW1

The Battle of Coronel was fought on 1st November, 1914. Some 1,418 men were lost in HMS Monmouth and HMS Good Hope, the flagship of Admiral Sir Christoper Craddock. They included 24 from NI remembered at St George’s Cathedral, Falkland Islands

October 15 – HMS Hawke – Northern Ireland’s greatest naval loss

One of the greatest single losses to Royal Navy personnel from Northern Ireland occurred on the 15th October 1914 when the German Submarine SM-U9 which was patrolling the North Sea came across two British Cruisers, HMS Hawke commanded by Capt. Hugh P.E.T. Williams, and…

Free E- mail booklet on anniversary of sinking of RMS Leinster

On October 10, 1918, one of the most controversial actions of the war took place a few miles from Kingstown (Dun Laoghaire), when German U Boat torpedoed the RMS Leinster resulting in the deaths of servicemen and women, and civilian staff and passengers. Among…

September 22 – The fate of the Live Bait Squadron

On this day in 1914 three Cressy class ships of “The Live Bait Squadron” were attacked and sunk. At least twenty men from Northern Ireland were lost in this engagement.

September 5 – Roll of Honour

The Roll today reflects the loss of HMS Pathfinder, the first RN warship to be sunk by a locomotive torpedo from a German U boat; the service given by two WW1 nurses who died in the course of their duty, and two members of…

August 10 – The UVF dry land sailors honoured by the Tzar

Royal Navy Armoured Cars – 111 Royal Navy personnel from Northern Ireland were involved in what is perhaps the most bizarre linking of Irish politics with the international relations of the First World War.

August 6 – HMS Amphion, the first loss of WW1

Three men from Northern Ireland were lost