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June 01 – Roll of Honour. Three NI officers after Jutland

After Jutland Commander Edward Bingham VC from Bangor, Captain Herbert Meade, DSO from Ballynahinch, and Commodore Frederic Charles Dreyer from Armagh had impressive careers. In 1940 six men die at Dunkirk where daytime evacuations cease due to danger to ships. A second son of… Continue Reading “June 01 – Roll of Honour. Three NI officers after Jutland”

May 31 – Battle of Jutland, Bangor VC, Rolls of Honour

Overview of Battle of Jutland with Rolls of Honour for each ship in which NI men served in the biggest naval battle of WW1. Award of VC to Commander Bingham of Bangor. RAF men from Belfast and Kilrea rest in Reichswald Forest Cemetery. Photo… Continue Reading “May 31 – Battle of Jutland, Bangor VC, Rolls of Honour”

May 13 – Roll of Honour

The sinking of HMS Goliath off Cape Helles in 1915 dominates today’s Roll. 570 of the 750 men were lost including 23 from NI. Boy First Class Alfred Henry Gadd and Stoker First Class Hector Hiles, had Newtownards links. In 1944 Christopher Saunderson from… Continue Reading “May 13 – Roll of Honour”

April 23 – DSO for Belfast RN officer in Zeebrugge Raid

12 Men from Northern Ireland are known to have taken part in the raid. Lieutenant Oscar Henderson was awarded a DSO for his actions at Zeebrugge. After his naval service, he was appointed Private Secretary to the Duke of Abercorn, the first Governor of… Continue Reading “April 23 – DSO for Belfast RN officer in Zeebrugge Raid”

January 13 – HMS Viknor captured major German spy and perished with him

On 13 Jan 1915, the armed merchant cruiser HMS Viknor sank off the coast of County Donegal with all hands (295 dead). The cause of her loss is unconfirmed but it is likely she struck a German mine. Graves of crew members on Rathlin… Continue Reading “January 13 – HMS Viknor captured major German spy and perished with him”

January 11 – Roll of Honour

  On 11/01/1917 Royal Navy seaplane carrier, HMS Ben-My-Chree (Woman of my heart, in Manx) is sunk by Turkish forces whilst supporting French troops on Kastellorizo off Turkey. All of the crew including Sam Ryan from Castlewellan were safely evacuated. Read Sam’s remarkable story… Continue Reading “January 11 – Roll of Honour”

January 01 – 547 lost in HMS Formidable

The first day of 1915 did not go well for the Royal Navy. Whilst on Channel patrol, in bad weather, the battleship HMS Formidable was torpedoed off Portland Bill at 0220 by U-24. 45 minutes later she was hit by a second torpedo. She… Continue Reading “January 01 – 547 lost in HMS Formidable”

November 26 – HMS BULWARK

The dangerous potential of men, mines, and munitions – Without a shot being fired, the mixture of men, mines and munitions is always a potential for danger. This was proved on the morning of Thursday, November 26th, 1914, when HMS Bulwark (photo above), moored… Continue Reading “November 26 – HMS BULWARK”