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June 21 – Hugh McNeill, Royal Marine WW1

Belfast-born Lance-Corporal Hugh McNeill, of the Royal Marines Light Infantry, perished when his ship was torpedoed by a First World War U-Boat. He served during the Boxer Rebellion in China, the defence of Antwerp and with the RNAS Armoured Car Division. His service is…

June 20 – Brothers in arms – Tyrells of Belfast and Bangor – WW1

Two brothers from Belfast were amongst the select group of airmen who died in the First World War. Alexander (above) and Marcus Tyrrell were educated at Inst.

June 6 – The ships of Jutland – 6

HMS Collingwood – The ship of the future King George VI and a Roll of Honour of the NI men who served with him

June 5 – NI men lost with Lord Kitchener in HMS Hampshire

Nationalist Volunteers on Falls Road paid farewell to Naval Surgeon in Hampshire. Orkney’s tributes to Hampshire

June 5 – Jutland – Northern Irish true tales

King George and a gunner from Portadown, A Mason’s memento, Portadown survivor died serving in World War II, Naval artist from Belfast

June 4 – The ships of Jutland – 5

HMS Invincible, HMS Lion, HMS Turbulent and HMS Warrior with their Rolls of Honour

June 2 – The RN ships of Jutland – 3

HMS Black Prince, HMS Broke and HMS Indefatigable with their Rolls of Honour of NI personnel