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Queen’s University in World War 1 – an introduction

The War Memorial. The origin, duties and customs of the Queen’s University Belfast Services Club. The foundation of the University Officers Training Corps. The Book of Remembrance

The raid on Zeebrugge

A son of the first Lord Mayor of Belfast was decorated for action in raid on Zeebrugge. His sons became the chairmen of Belfast News Letter and UTV.

HMS Hawke – Northern Ireland’s greatest naval loss of life in WW1

Men from all areas and social backgrounds perished.

The Live Bait Squadron

  This was the nickname of a small force of old armoured cruisers in the North Sea. Men from Ni were lost in Aboukir, Cressey and Hogue on September 22, 1914.

Northern Ireland’s First World War submariners

The first and last losses and Roll of those on Eternal Patrol.

RN – Roll of Honour World War I

The first major project to be completed by Remembrance Ni was to produce the first ever Roll of Honour of those from Northern Ireland who served in the Royal Navy and its related forces in World War 1.