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HMS Galatea – ship with superb war record sank in three minutes

HMS Galatea was sunk northwest of Alexandria on 14/12/1941 by the German submarine U-557. 469 men including at least 12 from Northern Ireland, were killed. Captain Sim died with 21 of his officers and 447 ratings. About 100 survivors were picked up by the… Continue Reading “HMS Galatea – ship with superb war record sank in three minutes”

Admiral’s return to Limavady

A thanksgiving service was held in Limavady Parish Church for the service and witness of Sir Desmond Cassidi on December 07, 2019. He commanded HMS Ark Royal. He was Flag Officer of the Carriers and Amphibious Ships in 1974. He was Second Sea Lord… Continue Reading “Admiral’s return to Limavady”

December 13 – Roll of Honour

On This Day in 1939 Cdre HH Harwood in HMS Ajax with Achilles and Exeter engaged the Admiral Graf Spee at the Battle of the River Plate forcing her to enter Montevideo in Uruguay for repairs but she scuttled believing superior forces were waiting. … Continue Reading “December 13 – Roll of Honour”

HMS PRINCE OF WALES – December 10, 1941

On this day in 1941 the battleship HMS PRINCE OF WALES and the battlecruiser HMS REPULSE were sunk by Japanese bombers off Malaya. They were the first British capital ships lost to air attack and the last RN battleship and battlecruiser lost in action.… Continue Reading “HMS PRINCE OF WALES – December 10, 1941”

HMS Repulse – 10 December 1941

14 men from Northern Ireland were amongst the 436 who died when HMS REPULSE was sunk as part of Force Z in the defence of Singapore on 10/12/1941. Others were to die whilst prisoners of war of Japan.

September 17 – Loss of HMS Courageous hit Northern Ireland

HMS Courageous had an air group of 2 squadrons of Swordfish aircraft, 48 planes in total. Courageous was sunk off the Irish coast by U-29. 

September 9 – Belfast lawyer was outstanding MTB Flotilla Commander

George Lennox Cotton began his Solicitor’s Apprenticeship in Belfast before the Second World War. During the War he served with distinction in the Royal Navy and was awarded the DSC in 1942. He commanded the 50th MTB Flotilla. He was wounded during battle with… Continue Reading “September 9 – Belfast lawyer was outstanding MTB Flotilla Commander”

August 12 – Interned in Algeria after HMS Manchester sank in Operation Pedestal

Interned in Algeria – Following the scuttling of HMS Manchester men from Belfast, Newtownards and Portadown were emprisoned by the Vichy government which collaborated with Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy. HMS Manchester (above) was taking part in Operation Pedestal whose aim was to force… Continue Reading “August 12 – Interned in Algeria after HMS Manchester sank in Operation Pedestal”