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November 19 – Roll of Honour

Photo – Annual service of remembrance on Rathlin island honouring those who died in Rathlin Sound and adjacent waters. Senior representatives of the services joined HM Deputy Lord Lieutenant and local councillors. The fallen remembered on this day including one from Ballycastle, lie in…

November 12 – Roll of Honour

On this day in 1944, 30 RAF Lancasters sink the German battleship Tirpitz near Tromsø, Norway. In 1942 three RN men died, one had been a member of HMS Caroline’s football team. In WW1 a Ballynahinch scout leader died serving with the Royal Flying…

November 7 – Roll of Honour

A hundred years ago this week people came together to remember the recent sacrifices of the First World War at Edwin Lutyens’ Cenotaph in Whitehall. There are 15 representatives in today’s Roll in honour of all those who died on November 7 in the…

November 1 – NI links to major naval battle off Chile in WW1

The Battle of Coronel was fought on 1st November, 1914. Some 1,418 men were lost in HMS Monmouth and HMS Good Hope, the flagship of Admiral Sir Christoper Craddock. They included 24 from NI remembered at St George’s Cathedral, Falkland Islands

October 3 – Roll of Honour

On the deck of Royal Navy Battleship HMS Rodney while stationed in Gibraltar, 1941. HMS Rodney played a major role in the sinking of the German battleship Bismarck in May, 1941, and participated in several coastal bombardments including Operation Torch and the Normandy landings….

September 19 – Roll of Honour

Today’s Roll includes a member of Queen’s OTC who served in the army in WW1 and rose to Air Vice-Marshall in RAF, Parachute Regiment Sergeant from Dungannon who was shot down when parachuting onto Ginkel Heath on the second day of the Battle of…

September 17 – Loss of HMS Courageous hit Northern Ireland

HMS Courageous had an air group of 2 squadrons of Swordfish aircraft, 48 planes in total. Courageous was sunk off the Irish coast by U-29.