NI Bomber Command air crew remembered and honoured on Dutch islands


38 Wellington bombers were lost in the Waddensea on the Netherlands coast. Men from Northern Ireland were amongst the crews lost. Read More

In Arctic waters – Part 2 – The loss of Glorious

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On Saturday 8th June, 1940, the aircraft carrier HMS Glorious and her escorts HMS Acasta and HMS Ardent were sunk by gunfire in a little over two hours by the German battlecruisers Gneisenau and Scharnhorst.

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Northern Ireland links to Bomber Command Memorial


Two Northern Ireland companies played the foremost role in the erection of the memorial which was unveiled by HM Queen Elizabeth in her Diamond Jubilee Year. Among the veterans present were John McFarland and Norman Allen from Northern Ireland who served and survived. Read More

In Arctic waters – Part 3 – The Murmansk run

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Northern Ireland’s service in the Russian convoys – Lisburn and Bangor men survived loss of HMS Edinburgh; four NI men in ill-fated HMS Lapwing; Dungannon medic and artic explorer developed kit for Arctic convoys; PQ 17 and other notable convoys. Read More

In Arctic waters – Part 4 – Roll of Honour

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These served in the Battle of Narvik and the Russian convoys. Read More

SAS men from Northern Ireland executed by the Gestapo

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Men from Cookstown, Moira and Randalstown who dropped behind lines after Normandy were executed by order of Hitler. Read More

The raid on Zeebrugge

A son of the first Lord Mayor of Belfast was decorated for action in raid on Zeebrugge. His sons became the chairmen of Belfast News Letter and UTV.

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