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June 14 -From Sword Beach to Caen and Belsen. Roll of Honour

John Murtagh’s journey with RASC from Sword Beach to Caen and Belsen. Remembering with others Wilnor Crawford, RUR Airborne from Ballymena, William Stockman from Coleraine and Thomas Berkeley from Carrick who flew Hurricanes in the Battle of Britain

July 8 – On this day

Soldiers clamber over a badly damaged street in Caen. In 1941 Twenty B-17s fly in their first mission with the Royal Air Force over Wilhelmshaven, Germany. In 1944 The British Second Army begins a major offensive ‘Operation Charnwood’ another attempt aimed at capturing the…

June 9 – Northern Ireland at D Day

4. – The fourth in a series about NI people on D Day. Richard Keegan from Lurgan served with 2nd Battalion Royal Ulster Rifles who were addressed by General Sir Bernard Montgomery from the bonnet of a jeep, after carrying out an inspection of…