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August 4 – On this day

A review of major events OTD in WW2. Onthis day in 1944, the Gestapo discovers a Jewish family hiding in an Amsterdam warehouse. Among those arrested is Anne Frank, age 15. She will eventually die at Bergen-Belsen, but the diary she leaves behind becomes… Continue Reading “August 4 – On this day”

June 12 – On this day

In 1917 Ballymena Petty Officer transfers to army to develop tanks. In 1944 the Irish brigade is received at the Vatican. The German Atlantic U-boat fleet surrenders at the end of WW2 at Lisahally on Lough Foyle, Londonderry in 1945.

June 11 – On this day

Significant events of wartime…

June 10 – On this day

Anniversary of the Lidice massacre by SS who shot all of the village’s men, ten at a time

June 9 – On this day

In 1944 in Italy after Cassino, the Irish Brigade liberated a fine collection of wines held by the German army command…See below