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August 4 – On this day

A review of major events OTD in WW2. Onthis day in 1944, the Gestapo discovers a Jewish family hiding in an Amsterdam warehouse. Among those arrested is Anne Frank, age 15. She will eventually die at Bergen-Belsen, but the diary she leaves behind becomes…

June 18 – On this day

Victory at Waterloo 1815, Churchill’s ‘this was their finest hour’ speech 1940, radar and role in Battle of Britain revealed in 1941, and in 1945 British demobilization begins

June 17 – On this day

Significant events including the eve of Waterloo and Churchill’s “The Battle of Britain is about to begin” speech

June 15 – On this day

1944 – The small seaside town of Arromanches is now home to the Mulberry Harbour; the logistics hub which kept the British & Commonwealth Bridgehead supplied. For other events on this day see here…

June 14 – On this day

In 1690 William of Orange arrived at Carrickfergus, in 1940 Germans marched into Paris, in 1944 King George I visited Normandy and in 1982 the Falkland Islands were retaken from Argentina… and much more on this day…

June 13 – On this day

Events on this day – In 1944, German Tiger tank commander Wittmann stops the entire British 7th Armoured Division advance to Caen, “single-handedly”, at Villers-Bocage. Wittmann destroyed in less than fifteen minutes 13 tanks, 2 anti-tank guns and 14 transport vehicles.

June 12 – On this day

In 1917 Ballymena Petty Officer transfers to army to develop tanks. In 1944 the Irish brigade is received at the Vatican. The German Atlantic U-boat fleet surrenders at the end of WW2 at Lisahally on Lough Foyle, Londonderry in 1945.