May 05 – Roll of Honour

Today’s Roll reflects aspects of WW2. Local Gunners killed in an air raid on the Twin Islands in Belfast and in Singapore. RAF war graves in the Netherlands, the Reichswald Forest and southern Germany. Infantry in Italy and Pakistan.


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  1. Lt R.B.B. Coleman was no longer serving with 9th (Londonderry) HAA Regiment at the time of his death.
    66th LAA Regiment was formed out of 102nd AA Regiment RA (TA), the first TA regiment to be raised in Northern Ireland. Formed in Antrim on 25 August 1939 as 102nd AA Regiment RA (TA), it included 314, 315 and 316 HAA Batteries. On 10 September, two LAA batteries, 175 and 176, were added to the orbat. Then, on 1 June 1940, the regiment was redesignated as a Heavy AA unit, although both LAA batteries remained until 1 December when they joined the newly-created 66th LAA Regiment in Belfast. A third battery, 251, formed on 28 March 1941, was regimented with 66th LAA Regiment, but was replaced on 19 September by 276 LAA Battery. A fourth battery, 459, served with the regiment for almost five months in 1942.


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