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December 31 – Roll of Honour

On This Day in 1918, William Leefe Robinson VC died. He was the first to shoot down a German airship over Britain and received the Victoria Cross. Months later he was later shot down and taken prisoner. After the war, he was repatriated but,…

July 15 – The Sash blessed by the Pope

From the annals of 38 (Irish) Brigade in Italy 1944 – Sion Mills Sgt Major had his Sash when he met the Pope

June 25 – On this day

The day on which a Soviet victory parade is held in Red Square, the Berlin airlift starts, and Korea is invaded

June 24 – On this day

24 June 1941 – Sloop HMS Auckland was sunk by German aircraft off Tobruk while on convoy escort duty. She had her stern blown off by bombs and shortly afterwards exploded and sank. 37 crew died, 162 survivors were rescued by HMAS Parramatta. For…

June 23 – On this day

A narrow gauge train carrying men and artillery shells to the front lines.WW1

June 20 – On this day

RM Commando raid launched from US Submarine Perch off Korea in 1950

June 18 – On this day

Victory at Waterloo 1815, Churchill’s ‘this was their finest hour’ speech 1940, radar and role in Battle of Britain revealed in 1941, and in 1945 British demobilization begins