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February 16 – Roll of Honour

Gaza War Cemetery early this morning. 16/02/2020. Today’s Roll details eight NI men who died at the fall of Singapore, three of them were survivors from the Royal Navy ships of the ill-fated Force Z. This is the anniversary of a massacre of Australian…

HMS PRINCE OF WALES – December 10, 1941

On this day in 1941 the battleship HMS PRINCE OF WALES and the battlecruiser HMS REPULSE were sunk by Japanese bombers off Malaya. They were the first British capital ships lost to air attack and the last RN battleship and battlecruiser lost in action….

HMS Repulse – 10 December 1941

14 men from Northern Ireland were amongst the 436 who died when HMS REPULSE was sunk as part of Force Z in the defence of Singapore on 10/12/1941. Others were to die whilst prisoners of war of Japan.