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June 30 – The 36th Ulster Division. Roll of Honour

On the eve of the Battle of the Somme an overview of the Ulster Division. Rory Best’s links to two Portadown WW2 fatalities called Seale. Veterans include Robert Cramsie of Ballymoney who served with the Northumberland Fusiliers and the North Irish Horse.

May 23 – Roll of Honour. Bob Wright – from Sandy Row to Dunkirk and Burma

The Roll of Honour for WW2 highlights two major developments. Entries for 1940 reflect the defensive fall back to Dunkirk with the fallen named on the Dunkirk Memorial or in cemeteries along the route. In 1944 nine men mainly from North Antrim and Armagh,… Continue Reading “May 23 – Roll of Honour. Bob Wright – from Sandy Row to Dunkirk and Burma”

May 19 – Roll of Honour and North Irish Horse dismount in WW1

Reprinted here is a memoir by Newry-born Francis Joseph McMahon who recounts life with the NIH in WW1 and the journey to Egypt with their horses when the regiment was dismounted in 1917. The tank above stands in Carrickfergus as a memorial to the… Continue Reading “May 19 – Roll of Honour and North Irish Horse dismount in WW1”

May 01 – Roll of Honour

Crew from Coleraine and Limavady were lost in a destroyer which was rammed by HMS King George V in the Arctic Ocean after turning into the battleship’s path to avoid a possible mine. Today’s veterans include naval gunner James Bacon from Portstewart and Davey… Continue Reading “May 01 – Roll of Honour”

April 22 – Roll of Honour – North Irish Horse trooper’s bar to Military Medal

In 1943 Trooper Samuel Johnston of the North Irish Horse won the Military Medal and Bar within eight weeks for his courage in the unit’s Churchill tanks.

March 17 – Roll of Honour

St Patrick’s Day 1945. Brigadier Scott: “We were in the line on St Patrick’s Day. ‘Jon’ produced an excellent ‘Two Types’ cartoon in the ‘8th Army News’ depicting an officer wearing a caubeen and hackle cutting shamrocks out of a billiard tablecloth – presumably… Continue Reading “March 17 – Roll of Honour”

September 30 – Roll of Honour

On this day in 1938, British prime minister Neville Chamberlain returns from a meeting with Hitler in Munich and promises “peace for our time.” In less than a year, the world will be at war. Today’s Roll includes the first North Irish Horse officer… Continue Reading “September 30 – Roll of Honour”

September 15 – Roll of Honour

On this day in 1940, nearly 1,500 aircraft were in the skies over Britain, as the Luftwaffe attacked London. It is regarded as the climax of the Battle of Britain when the tide begins to turn as the Royal Air Force repulses a major… Continue Reading “September 15 – Roll of Honour”