Royal Navy Roll of Honour WW1. A

HMS Bulwark

RN. Leading Seaman. 217194. Boy service from 11/09/1901. Enrolled 05/12/1903 for 12 years. War service in Dartmouth, Vivid I, Carnarvon, Victory I, Defiance and Roxburgh. Demobbed 22/02/1919. Joined RFR 23/02/1919. Born Belfast 05/11/1885. ADM 188/381/217194

RNVR. Surgeon Lieutenant. Served in HMS Maverick, a destroyer based at Harwich. After graduation QUB 1918 he rejoined navy as a Surgeon Lieutenant. Subsequently entered into general practice in East Belfast. Albertbridge Road, Belfast. May Street – PCI RH

ACHESON, Patrick George Edward Cavendish
RN. Captain. MVO 1904. DSO 1915. Order of St. Stanislaus (Russian), Croix de Guerre. Commander in Inflexible at Jutland. Commanding Officer of the British Flotilla on the Rhine 1919 – 21. DSO awarded for conspicuous bravery in the Dardanelles, entering the fore magazine of HMS Inflexible when working parties had been driven out by flames. (London Gazette 13/08/1915). Retired at his own request 30/09/1922. Born 1883. Son of the 4th Earl of Gosford and Lady Louisa. Husband to Norma. Father of Lt. Nicholas Acheson and Sub. Lt. Michael Acheson who both served in World War II. Born 30/06/1883. Died 30/08/1957 age 74. Gosford, Co. Armagh. ADM196/125

ADAIR, David.
RN. Signalman. J27353. Boy service from 30/09/1913. Enrolled 12/09/1915 for 12 years. War service in Impregnable, Ganges, Vivid I, Dominion, Diamond, Hibernia, Pembroke I, Agamemnon and EuropaII. Invalided 14/01/1920. Born Belfast 12/09/1897. ADM 188/701/27353

ADAIR, Edward
RN. Acting ERA. M24803. Previously Stoker I. K33669. Enrolled 02/06/1916 for hostilities. War service in Pembroke I and II, Tyne, Wallington, Hannibal and Duke. Demobbed 14/10/1919. Born Larne 02/07/1889. ADM 188/1067/24803. ADM 188/934/33669.

RN. ERA IV. M21226. Enrolled 14/06/1916 for hostilities. War service in Pembroke II, Calliope and Cormorant. Demobbed 21/11/1919. Born Larne 29/11/1891. ADM 188/1060/21226.

ADAIR, James
RN. Seaman. HMS Hindustan. Co. Armagh. First Markethill – PCI RH

RN. Cook. Belfast

ADAIR, Robert
RN. OS. J42962. Boy service from 11/08/1915 in Victory, Impregnable, Prince George, Vivid I and Avenger. Enrolled for 12 years on 06/02/1918. War service in Pembroke I and Prince Rupert. Served until 16/12/1927. Born Belfast 06/02/1900. ADM 188/732/42962

ADAIR, Robert
RNAS. F20730. Formerly RNVR. Enrolled 15/09/1916 for hostilities. Served in President II, Crystal Palace, Wormwood Scrubs, Eastchurch, Daedalus. Transferred to RAF 30/03/1918. Born Belfast 27/07/1898. RBAI. ADM 188/601/20730

ADAIR, William
RNAS. Mechanic I. FS130. Enrolled 28/05/1915 for hostilities. To RAF 31/03/1918. Born Belfast 20/04/1895. Bray Street, Belfast. Argyll Place – PCI RH. ADM 188/570/5130

ADAIR, Walter
RN. Petty Officer. J31414. Boy service from 02/06/1914. Enrolled 15/02/1917 for 12 years. Served to 19/07/1928. War service in Impregnable, Vivid I, Alsatian, Wellington, Acteon and Idaho. Born Newtownards 15/02/1899. ADM 188/709/31414

ADAMS, Alexander
RN. AB. J43140. HMS Valiant, Jutland. Enrolled 11/08/1915 for hostilities. In Valiant from 13/01/1916 – 24/08/1916. Served to 20/02/1919. Born Portrush 16/06/1896. ADM 188/733/43140

RNVR. Sub-Lieutenant. RBAI.

+ADAMS, Clare Robert
RN. Boy (1st. Class). J 27420 (Ch). HMS Hawke. Died 15/10/1914. Age 16. Boy service from 09/03/1913. Ganges and Hawke (15/04/1914 – 15/10/1914). Born Enniskillen 15/01/1898. Son of Annie Adams, Lomond Grove, Camberwell, London. ADM 188/701/27420

+ADAMS, John Wilson
RN. Carpenter’s Crew. M16438. HMS Vanguard. Died 09/07/1917. Aged 33. Enlisted 12/11/1915. Born Coleraine 10/04/1917. Son of Alexander & Margaret Ann Adams, Spittal Hill, Coleraine. Irish Society School, Coleraine. Chatham Naval Memorial. Panel 24. New Row – PCI RH. ADM 188/1050/16438

ADAMS, Howard
RN. AB. J46047. Enrolled 04/11/1915 for hostilities, Vivid I, Africa and Gabriel (at Woolwich, Columbine and Leander). Demobbed 27/03/1919. Born Portglenone 05/01/1896. ADM 188/739/46047

ADAMS, Joseph John Patrick
RN. AB. J8912. Boy service from 02/07/1910. Enrolled 15/06/1911 for 12 years. War service in Defiance, Active, Vivid I, P18 (Halcyon and Victory X), Victory I. Served to 17/06/1923. Joined RFR 18/06/1923. Born Belfast 18/06/1893. ADM 188/664/8912

ADAMS, Thomas
RN. Stoker First Class. K40380. Enrolled 27/01/1917 for hostilities. Served in Pembroke II, Tyne, Wellington, Thetus and Vigrous until 03/04/1918. Born Ballyclare 10/03/1898. Ballylinney – PCI RH. ADM 188/947/40380

ADAMS, Thomas
RN. OS. J59854. Enrolled 28/05/1916. Served in Pembroke I and Orotava. Discharged 11/10/1917. Born Belfast 29/12/1895. ADM 188/766/59854

ADAMS, Thomas
RN. Stoker First Class. SS114121. Enrolled 24/05/1913. Served in Pembroke II, Egmont and Blenheim. Discharged 30/11/1915. Born Belfast 23/01/1895. ADM 188/1120/114121

ADAMS, Thomas David
RN. Stoker K2552. Enrolled 10/04/1909 for 12 years. War service in HMS Roxburgh, Pembroke II, Vivid II and Inflexible. Served to 05/07/1921. Born Drumcree, Portadown 12/12/1889. ADM 188/872/2552

RN. Seaman. Carrickfergus Co. Antrim. Joymount – PCI RH

RN. AB. Son of William and Ellen Addison, Grove Street East, Belfast. Brother of Robert, Private, RAMC who died 07/06/1917. Dranouter Military Cemetery, West-Vlaanderen, Belgium. Westbourne – PCI RH

AGNEW, Arthur Linden
RNAS. PO. F24752. Enrolled 08/12/1916 for hostilities. In President, Daedalus and Turnhouse. To RAF 30/03/1918. Born Belfast 19/04/1896. ADM 188/609/24752

AGNEW, David
RN. AB. J47743. Enrolled 15/12/1915 for hostilities. Served in Pembroke, Ganges and Diligence. Demobbed 26/02/1919. Bank clerk. Born Belfast 15/08/1895. ADM 188/742/47743

AGNEW, David
RN. AB. Mountcollyer Street, Belfast. Macrory Memorial – PCI RH

+AGNEW, James
RN. Stoker First Class. 308866. HMS Indefatigable. Died 31/05/1916. Age 29. Jutland. Enrolled 23/09/1905 for 12 years. War service in Indomitable and Blenheim. Born Belfast 15/04/1887. Son of Martha Agnew and the late John Agnew, Seaview St., Belfast. Chatham Naval Memorial. ADM 188/504/308866

+AGNEW, Nathaniel
RN. Stoker 1st Class. SS105083. HMS Hawke. Died 15/10/1914. Age 26. Lost in North Sea Sunk by a German submarine. Enrolled 25/05/1907. To RFR 26/05/1912. In Hawke 05/08/1914 – 15/10/1914. Signed the Ulster Covenant at the City Hall with his father, September 1912. His brother, William was killed serving with the army. Born Belfast 22/10/1888. Son of Nathaniel and Elizabeth Agnew, Westminster Avenue, Belfast. Chatham Naval Memorial. Panel 4. Strandtown WM. IMR. ADM 188/1111/105083

AGNEW, Robert
RN. RM. Chaplain. Finnards, Rathfriland. Ryans – PCI RH

AGNEW, Thomas
RN. AB. J19988. Enrolled 03/12/1913 for 12 years. War service in Vivid, Nottingham, Sutlej, Hecla, and Gibraltar. Served until 05/11/1928. Born Dunmurry 03/12/1895. Son of John and Martha Agnew. Prior to enlistment was labourer in dye works. Dunmurry – PCI RH. ADM 188/686/19988.

+AGNEW, Thomas Rainey
RN. Stoker 1st Class. SS113435 (Ch). HMS Vanguard. Jutland. Died 09/07/1917. Age 25. Killed by internal explosion of vessel at Scapa Flow. Born Belfast 16/04/1894. Son of Samuel and Dorothy Agnew, Spamount St., Belfast. Chatham Naval Memorial. Panel 23. St. Enoch’s – PCI RH. IMR. ADM 188/1119/113435

AGNEW, William James
RN. Seaman. J70344. Enrolled 05/05/1917 for hostilities. Demobbed 08/03/1919. Served in Pembroke I and Champion. Born Newcastle 03/07/1898. ADM 188/787/70344

AGNEW, William John
RN. 200243. Born 24/12/1881. Dunsilly, Antrim

AICKEN, Thomas
RN. Gunner. Corry’s Quarter. Newtownards Greenwell Street – PCI RH

RN. Petty Officer. In HMS Ajax 1915. Co. Antrim. First Ahoghill – PCI RH

AIKEN, Henry
RMLI. Private.15657. Plymouth Division. Enrolled 16/04/1912. Served in Highflier, Challenger, Argonaut and Vivid. Wounded. PoW Germany 29/04/1917 – 09/12/1918. Born 23/10/1894. Malvern Place Belfast. ADM 159/157/15657

AITCHESON, Joseph Robert
RN. Engine Room Artificer. M12908. Enlisted 12/04/1915. Served to 03/06/1919. In Sentinel, Clematis and Egmont. Born 11/11/1893 Tandragee. Tandragee. ADM 188/1043/12908
AITCHESON, Joseph Robert
RN. Park Road. Son of Cherrie Ann. First Portadown – PCI RH

RN. HMS Carnarvon. Portadown

RN. Stoker. HMS Hawke survivor. Witham Street, Belfast.

RNVR. Midshipman. RBAI.

RNVR. Sub-Lieutenant. Lansdowne, Lansdowne Road, Belfast. Fortwilliam – PCI RH

RNR. Lieutenant. Dunadry. Muckamore – PCI RH

RNVR. Sub-Lieutenant. Lansdowne, Lansdowne Road, Belfast. Fortwilliam – PCI RH

RNVR. Sub-Lieutenant. RBAI.

Seaman. HMS Gibraltar. Cambridge Street, Belfast. Sinclair Seaman’s – PCI RH

RN. Petty Officer Stoker. 302404. Enrolled 10/01/1903 for 12 years, re-engaged 10/01/1915 to completion of hostilities. Enrolled RFR 23/01/1919 – 15/09/1922. War service in Vivid, Blake, and Egmont. Born Ballymoney, Co. Down 29/12/1883. Ballygilbert – PCI RH. ADM 188/491/302404

RN. LS. 218200. Enrolled 03/03/1904 for 12 years. Re-engaged 03/03/1916 to end of hostilities. Served to 30/08/1923. War service in Vivid, Hearty and Venerable. Born Armagh 03/03/1886. ADM 188/383/218200

RNR. AB. Ballymoney. Ballygilbert – PCI RH

+ALGIE, Robert
RN. Able Seaman. D/JX 198146. HMS Hawke. Died 15/10/1914. Aged 28. Hawke was torpedoed by German U-9 in North Sea. Enrolled 16/09/1903 for 5 and 7 years. Served to 25/09/1908. Joined RFR 26/09/1907. In Hawke 05/08/1914 – 15/10/1914. Born Belfast 24/09/1884. He was a sewing machine mechanic in Freehand & Ferguson’s hem-stitching factory. Husband of Mary J. Algie, Greenwell St., Newtownards. They married in Ballygrainey Presbyterian Church and had two children. Their son was aged two years and their daughter three months old when Robert died. Chatham Naval Memorial, Panel 1. Newtownards Greenwell Street – PCI RH. IMR. ADM 188/1094/40

+ALLAN, Ernest
RN. ERA IV. M/18490. HMS Mignonette. Died 17/03/1917. Aged 25. Pembroke II and Wallington (Mignonette 06/09/1916 – 17/03/1917). Son of Henry and Rebecca Allan, Horwich, Bolton, Lancs. Chatham Naval Memorial, Panel 23. Arthur Square, Belfast Lodge 22, Masonic RH. ADM 188/1054/18490

ALLEN, Conway Benning
RN. Cmdr. DSO 1943. RN Colleges, Osborne and Dartmouth. Served in WW1 and WW2. Lieutenant in HMS Inconstant in WW1. Commanded HMS Rochester, a sloop of the Shoreham Class, from 16/01/1941 to 10/1942. 19/10/1941 – German U-boat 204 was sunk near Tangier, in position 35°46’N, 06°02’W, by depth charges from the British corvette HMS Mallow (Lt. W.R.B. Noall, RNR) and the British sloop HMS Rochester (Cdr. C.B. Allen, RN). 06/02/1942 – German U-boat 82 was sunk north of the Azores, in position 44°10’N, 23°52’W, by depth charges from the British sloop HMS Rochester (Cdr. C.B. Allen, RN) and the corvette HMS Tamarisk (Lt. S. Ayles, RNR). Retired 1945. Born 25/09/1896. S of Samuel Allen and Florence Mary nee Adair, Lisconnan House, Dervock, Co. Antrim. Husband to Marjorie nee Warren. D 23/07/1980, Victoria BC, Canada. ADM196/119. ADM196/146

ALLEN, Frederick Martin Brice Allen
RN & RNVR. Surgeon – Lieutenant. As a Surgeon Probationer he served with the Grand Fleet at Scapa Floe 1917 in HMS Miranda. Graduated with honours QUB1920. Later he became Professor of Child Health at the university and was the author of a well known book on diseases of children. Following the founding of the Ulster Division of the RNVR, he rejoined and for some years was an active member of the Division. Newtownards Road, Belfast. May Street – PCI RH

+ALLEN, George
RMLI. 14462. Plymouth Division. Died 25/11/1918 of disease. Enrolled 24/05/1891. War service in Plymouth Division, Gloucester and Leviathan. Born Comber 05/01/1891. Son of John Allen, Carlton St., Belfast. Ford Park Cemetery, Plymouth. Megain Memorial – PCI RH. ADM 159/155/14462

+ALLEN, Henry
RN. Boy 1st Class. J34509. HMS Black Prince. Jutland. Died 31/05/1916. Aged 15. Enrolled 04/08/1916 for period of hostilities. War service in Impregnable and Black Prince (14/05/1915 – 31/05/1916). Doffer in linen mill. Born Belfast 04/08/1898. Son of Samuel and Margaret Allen, Fortwilliam, Belfast. Plymouth Naval Memorial, Panel 13. ADM 188/716/34509

ALLEN, Henry
Belfast. Masonic Order.

ALLEN, James
RN. AB. SS9896. Enrolled 22/10/1918 for 5 and 7 years. Pembroke. Served to 21/10/1923. Joined RFR 22/10/1923. Born Lurgan 23/06/1900. ADM 188/1103/9896

ALLEN, James A
RNR. Lieutenant. Rosemount Gardens, Belfast. St Enoch’s – PCI RH

ALLEN, James G
RN Yacht Patrol. North Down Cricket Club. St Mary’s Parish Church, Comber, WM

RN. Founder member of Comber Comrades of the Great War. Steam rolling contractor and Justice of the Peace. In 1908 he visited Cuba where he discovered a gold mine. Resided Comber Square. Died 1924 – Comber Historical Society.

ALLEN, James McGregor Allen
RN. AB. J23707. Enrolled 21/12/1914 for 12 years. Boy service in Impregnable, Theseus, Vivid I, Caernarvon. OS and AB in Delphinium, Victorious, Suffolk and Invincible. Invalided 15/10/1919. Born Londonderry 21/12/1896. ADM 188/694/23707

RNAS. Chief Petty Officer. F2742. Armoured Car Division. Enlisted 12/12/1914 for hostilities. In Russia 01/10/1916 – 07/01/1918. Machine Gun Corps from 18/01/1918. Born Belfast 20/05/1876. Motor repairer pre-war. ADM 188/565/2742

RNAS. Chief Petty Officer. Armoured Car Division. Russia. Enlisted age 41. Mechanic pre-war. Harper Street, Belfast.

RNAS. Armoured Car Division. Enlisted age 22. Chauffeur pre-war. Harper Street, Belfast.

RNAS. Chief Petty Officer Mechanic. F4243. Armoured Car Division. Enlisted 26/04/1915 for hostilities. In France and Russia (01/10/1916 – 07/01/1918). To Machine Gun Corps 18/01/1918. Born Belfast 07/09/1895. ADM 188/568/4243

RN. ERA. Glayndwr, Shore Road, Belfast. Newington – PCI RH

RMLI. Private. Belfast

ALLEN, John Alexander
RN. Stoker I. SS100717. Enrolled 19//04/1904 for 5 and 7 years. Joined RFR 24/04/1909. Served 05/08/1914 – 14/04/1923. War service in Hawke (05/08/1914 – 15/10/1914. Survivor), Pembroke II, Wallaroos, Astraea and Aquitainia. Born Markethill 11/01/1886. ADM 188/1106/100717

RN. Survivor HMS Hawke. Emerson St., Belfast

ALLEN, John Alexander

ALLEN, Robert
RN. AB. 214970. DSM. London Gazette 2 November 1917. ‘… for services in submarines in enemy waters’. Born in Limavady on 05/10/1885. A Message Boy by occupation, he entered the Royal Navy as a Boy 2nd Class on 14/05/1901. He was promoted to Boy 1st Class when on the Black Prince in August 1902, Ordinary Seaman when on the Royal Oak in October 1903 and attained the rank of Able Seaman when on the same ship in February 1905. He was discharged to shore by purchase on 03/02/1912 and joined the RFR. Recalled to active service in August 1914, he entered the submarine service, mostly based on the depot ships Dolphin and Maidstone. He was based on the the cruiser Fearless, 03 – 12/1917, which was the 12th Submarine Flotilla Leader attached to the Grand Fleet based at Rosyth – the flotilla composed of the infamous ‘K’ Class submarines. For his services on submarines during the year 1917 he was awarded the DSM. He was again based on the Fearless and served on the submarine K8, 04/01/1918 – 08/03/1918. The vessel was not present at the ‘battle of May Island’ and both Allen and the submarine survived the war; the submarine being sold for scrap in 1923, Allen being demobilised on 09/06/1921. Born Limavady 05/10/1885. Later resided on Ravenhill Rd., Belfast. ADM 188/376/214970

ALLEN, Robert J
RNR. Petty Officer. Crumlin Rd., Masonic Lodge Belfast

ALLEN, Robert James
RN. Leading telegraphist. J10248. Enrolled 24/01/1913 for 12 years. War service in Triumph, Europa, Blenheim, Racoon and Egmont. Served until 23/01/1925. Born Lisburn 24/01/1895. ADM 188/667/10248

ALLEN, Russell
RN. Stoker I. SS106092. Enrolled 21/11/1907 for 5 and 7 years. War service in Caesar, Illustrious, Vivid II and Vengeance. Invalided 08/08/1917. Born Belfast 08/01/1888. ADM 188/1112/106092

ALLEN, Thomas
RN. AB. J53692. Enrolled 06/06/1916 for hostilities. War service in Vivid I and Roxburgh. Served until 10/07/1919. Woodturner. Born Dromore, Co. Down 28/022/1889. ADM 188/754/53692

ALLEN, Thomas
RN. OS. L9953. Boy service from 24/01/1918. War service in Vivid, Woolwich, Wellington and Leander. Served to 09/02/1922. Born Meary, Co. Tyrone. 13/05/1899. ADM 188/1007/9953

Seaman. Lisburn Cathedral RH

ALLEN, Thomas John
RN. AB. J53692, Enrolled 06/06/1916. In Vivid I and Roxburgh. Demobbed 10/07/1919. Born Dromore, Co. Down 28/02/1889. ADM 188/754/53692

ALLEN, William
RNAS. Petty Officer Mechanical. F6277. Armoured Car Division. Enrolled 24/06/1915 for hostilities. Served in President, Dover, and Crystal Palace. Served to 28/04/1917. Motor mechanic pre-war. Born Belfast 15/07/1895. Grosvenor Road, Belfast. ADM 188/572/6277

RN. Stoker I. K34930. Enrolled 06/06/1916 for hostilities. Victory II and Royal Sovereign. Demobbed 08/08/1919. Born Belfast 02/06/1891. ADM 188/936/34930

ALLISON Richard Sydney
RNVR. Surgeon Probationer. Also served WW2. HMS Caroline. RNVR. Surgeon – Captain. VRD Appointed in October 1939 to RNAH Newton Abbot as medical specialist. Promoted Surgeon-Commander December 1949. First account of ‘Blast Injuries to Chest’ 1940. 1941 i/c Neurological Ward, RNAH Barrow Gurney (Neuro-Psychiatric Hospital for RN). 1942 appointed to staff of Medical Director General to devise means for retaining ratings with peptic ulcer in the service who otherwise would be invalided. Established special gastric units in HMS Goodson and Ferret, the crews of which ships were employed in maintenance, shore and harbour duties although living on board in a special mess. (Quarterly Journal of Medicine.) Promoted Acting Surgeon-Captain 1944 to Royal Naval Hospital, Stonehouse as SMO i/c Medical Division and additional as Medical Consultant to Western Approaches Command. On Admiralty Board of Naval Medical Consultants. Served in the Division post war. MD QUB 1921. RBAI.

ALLISON Robert James
RNAS. Petty Officer Mechanic. F51233. Enrolled 17/01/1918 for hostilities. President II and V. Transferred to Machine Gun Corps 23/05/1918. Born Belfast 20/04/1898. ADM 188/643/51233

RN. Petty Officer 1st Cl. Armourer’s mate. His first ship was HMS Eurylis – his father’s last ship. His first trip was to the East Indies – his father’s last service voyage. He was present at most of the big naval engagements of the war including the Dardanelles and Heliogland Bight. He also served on the Russian station for a considerable time. On HMS Blenheim in the Mediterranean. Son of AE Amery (below). Belfast

RM. QM Sergeant. Served 32 years 9 months. He was well known as the senior non-commissioned officer for recruiting in Ireland. Enlisted aged 17 in 1887. Served first in HMS Boadicea, a full-rigged ship, a crack warship, the flagship of Admiral Sir ER Fremantle. AE Amery was present at the handing over of German East Africa in exchange for Heligoland. He took part in a three and a half year campaign against slavery. He served in HMS Nile in the Mediterranean and then as a signal instructor at Portsmouth. In 1896 he was posted to HMS Gibraltar which took part in the bombardment of Zanzibar. It was three years and six months before he returned to Britain. His next appointment was as serjeant-major on the Australian station. He settled in Belfast having received an appointment by the Governors of the Belfast Charitable Institute, Belfast

RNVR. AB. Fireman. 645893. HMS Columbella. Died illness 07/02/1916. Aged 53. Husband to Mary A, Long Tower St., Londonderry. Londonderry Cemetery. Londonderry, The Diamond WM

RN. Stoker I. SS115364. Enrolled 06/01/1914 for 5 and 7 years. Pembroke I and II, Antrim, Leviathan and Venus. Demobbed 07/06/1919. Joined RFR 08/06/1919. Born Belfast 20/07/1893. ADM 188/1121/115364

RN. AB. Glenalpin Street, Belfast. Great Victoria Street – PCI RH

ANDERSON, Henry Crawford Orr
RN. Seaman. J67516. Enrolled 07/03/1917. In Vivid I and Carnarvon. Invalided 07/08/1918. Born Newtownards 16/06/1896. ADM 188/782/67516

RN. Petty Officer. 218469. Enrolled 15/02/1903. War service in Diligence, Woolwich and Vivid. Demobbed 12/03/1919. Born Londonderry 15/02/1885. Barrack Street, Londonderry. First Derry – PCI RH. ADM 188/383/218469

RN, AB. J36725. HMS Barham. Jutland. Boy service from 25/03/1915. Enrolled 28/01/1916 for hostilities. In Vivid I, Victory I and Barham (19/08/1915 – 01/05/1918). Demobbed 15/02/1919. Born Strabane 28/01/1898. ADM 188/720/36725

RN. Stoker First Class. SS100355. Enrolled 01/01/1904 for 5 and 7 years. Served 21/05/1904 – 02/01/1909. Joined RFR 03/01/1909. War service in Illustrious and Erin 13/07/1914 – 25/01/1919. Joined RFR 26/02/1919. Born Killyleagh 06/07/1884. ADM 188/1106/100355

RN. Stoker First Class. SS104929. Enrolled 05/04/1907 for 5 and 7 years. Served 05/04/1907 – 06/04/1912. Joined RFR. Served 06/08/1914 – 12/04/1921. War service in Pembroke II, Victory IV, Calliope, Mignonette, Wellington and General Crawford. Born Ballymena 12/07/1888. ADM 188/1110/104929

RNAS. AM 1. F2854. Enrolled 28/12/1914 for hostilities. In Pembroke III, President and Daedalus. To RAF 31/03/1918. Born Kesh 25/07/1890. ADM 188/565/2854

RND. Ch/S.S.104929. Hood Battalion. Husband to Mary Anderson, Ritchie Street, York Road, Belfast. ADM339

RN. Stoker. Second Comber – PCI RH

RN. Seaman. Masonic Lodge, Newtownards

RN. Stoker I. SS114471. Enrolled 19/07/1913 for 5 and 7 years. Natal, Pembroke II and Chatham. Demobbed 08/02/1919. Joined RFR 09/02/1919. Born Belfast 10/07/1895. ADM 188/1120/114471

RNR. Lieutenant. Curran Masonic Lodge 42, Maghera, Co. Londonderry

RNR. Lieutenant. Co. Londonderry

RN. Stoker. J93282. Enrolled 30/10/1918 for hostilities. Pembroke I. Demobbed 23/02/1919. Born Belfast 08/04/1897. Ghent St., Belfast. ADM 188/833/93282

RNR. Officer. First Ballymena – PCI RH

RNR. Captain. Masonic Lodge, Larne

RN. Engineer. Alexandra Park Avenue, Belfast. Castleton – PCI RH

RN. AB. Newtownards Road. Ballymacarrett – PCI RH

ANDERSON, William James
RN. Signaller. J15507. Enrolled 01/08/1913 for 12 years. War service in Argyll, Sir John Moore and Pembroke. Served to 11/03/1920. Joined RFR 12/03/1920. Born Belfast 01/08/1895. ADM 188/678/15507

RN. Stoker. HMS Serbol. Cranmore Terrace. Whitehouse – PCI RH

ANDERSON, William Hugh
RN. Telegraphist. 227096. Boy service from 18/05/1914. Enrolled 26/11/1916 for 12 years. War service in Impregnable, Vernon, Pelorus, Cormorant, Q1, Vivid, Defiance, Europa II, Endymion, Osiris and Valhalla II. Demobbed 17/11/1919. Born Strabane 16/12/1887. ADM 188/401/227096

ANDREWS, William
RNAS. Petty Officer Mechanic (E). F2848. Armoured Car Division. Enrolled 18/12/1914 for hostilities. War service in Pembroke, President, in France 19/07/1915 – 29/10/1915, and Russia 04/12/1915 – 19/09/1917. Transferred to Machine Gun Corps. Born Belfast 27/11/1895. Motorcycle salesman pre-war. Lyndhurst Villas, Ballygomartin Rd., Belfast. ADM 188/565/2848

RNR. Petty Officer. Russian award. Gresham St., Belfast

ANNESLEY, Dargaville
RN. AB. J29857. HMS Southampton. Jutland. Enrolled 18/11/1919 for 12 years. War service in Powerful and Vivid. In Southampton from 10/02/1915. Born Derrylin, Co. Fermanagh, 18/11/1898. ADM 188/706/29857

+ANNESLEY, Francis (The Right Honourable Earl)
RNVR. RNAS. Sub-Lieutenant. 6th Earl Annesley. Died 05/11/1914. Aged 30. Before he was 21 years of age he sailed from Liverpool to Vancouver, around Cape Horn, serving as a sailor before the mast. Later he crossed the Atlantic on board a three-masted schooner yacht Karina as one of the guests of Robert E. Todd of the New York Yacht club. He was a noted big game shot.

Prior to joining 2 (Naval) Squadron, RNAS, at Eastchurch, he distinguished himself serving with the RNAS Armoured Car Division, with his armoured motorcar in helping to check the advance of the Germans on Brussels and in the Defence of Antwerp.

He was last seen alive on 06/11/1914 leaving Eastchurch, England in a Bristol TB8 Biplane, serial 1220, flown by Flight Lieut C F Beevor, RNAS, bound for Dunkirk They were never seen again. His death was presumed on 02/12/1914. Two German prisoners had been interrogated and it was established that the two aviators had been shot down when a German shell had hit the petrol tank of their aircraft and it had fallen in flames near Dixmude.

Francis Annesley, 6th Earl Annesley, was the only son of Hugh Annesley, 5th Earl Annesley and his first wife, Mabel Markham. He was born on 25/02/1884 at Castlewellan. On 14/02/1909 he married Evelyn Hester Mundy. They had no children. Between 1884 and 1908 he was styled as Viscount Glerawly. He was educated at Eton and Trinity College, Cambridge. He succeeded as Earl 15/12/1908. Chatham Naval Memorial, Panel 8. St John’s Parish Church, Newcastle WM. Newcastle WM. Castlewellan WM. IMR

ANNETT, George Washington
RN. Gunner. Served prior to the war in HMS Benbow 1901 and HMS Saxon 1909. HMS Carbonia 1919. Merchant navy 1921 – 1941. Born Kilkeel 22/04/1878. Son of John and Susan Annett. Kilkeel WM. Mourne – PCI RH

+APSLEY, Alexander
RM Labour Corps. Private. Deal/10648(S). Killed in accident in France 28/10/1917. Son of the late William and brother of Mrs. Barr, Ballymoney Street, Ballymena. Dunkirk Cemetery. IMR

RNR. Engineer. Curran Masonic Lodge 42, Maghera, Co. Londonderry

ARCHDALE, Nicholas Edward
RN. Vice Admiral. CBE. 2nd Baronet Archdale, of Riversdale, County Fermanagh. Entered RN 15/01/1895. HMS Britannia. Midshipman 1897. Joined submarine service 1902. Served in submarines. Senior Officer China submarine flotilla 1913. 1914 – 18 commanded submarines. Commanding officer HMS Hazard, HMS Ceres (cruiser in Mediterranean) 1914. Commanding Officer HMS Vernon – torpedo school Portsmouth 1926 – 27. Commanding officer HMS Malaya in Mediterranean 1928 – 29. CBE 1920 for valuable services in command of HMS Greenwich and as Senior Naval Officer, Copenhagen. Aide-de-Camp to King George V in 1929. Placed on retired list at own request 30/08/1930. General Inspector, NI Ministry of Home Affairs, 1931- 46. Eldest son of Right Hon. Sir Edward Mervyn Archdale, 1st Bt, and Alicia Bland Fleming, Riversdale, Co. Fermanagh. Husband to Gerda Henriette Sievers. Father of Captain Sir Edward Archdale, 3rd Bt, DSC, RN, submariner and gunnery officer WW2. Born 11/06/1881. Died 28/07/1955. Castle Archdale, Enniskillen. Portora Royal School WM. ADM196/90

RN. Seaman. Newhill. First Ballymoney – PCI RH

RNAS. Private. Orchardstown, Co. Londonderry. Faughanvale – PCI RH

+ARDIS, James
RMLI. Private. CH/336(S). Died of wounds 06/06/1915. Aged 21. Enrolled 28/09/1914. In Gallipoli 01/01/1915 – 06/06/1915. Born Belfast 17/01/1894. Son of James and Sarah Ardis, Mervue Street, Belfast. Belfast Corporation RH. Helles Memorial, Turkey. ADM 159/143/336

RNAS. Petty Officer Mechanical. F9473. Armoured Car Division. 3 Squadron. Enrolled 06/11/1915 for hostilities. Served in President and Dover. In Russia 01/10/1916 – 16/04/1917. Transferred to Machine Gun Corps 31/01/1918. Born Belfast 29/04/1883. Taxi driver. Kendal Street, Belfast. ADM 188/578/9473

ARMSTRONG, Christopher
RN. Leading Stoker. Survivor HMS Recruit. On 01/05/1915 Recruit was patrolling with sister ship Brazen in the southern North Sea, 30 miles south-west of the Galloper Lightvessel off the Thames Estuary, when she was struck by a single torpedo fired by the German submarine UB-6. Recruit broke in two and sank quickly with the loss of 39 men, 4 officers and 22 crewmen were rescued. The Royal Navy search for this submarine resulted in the Battle off Noordhinder Bank, in which two German torpedo boats were sunk. Enrolled 21/07/1910 for 12 years. War service in Yarmouth, Eclipse, Acteon, King Edward VII, Dido and Apollo. Served to 14/04/1921. Born Belfast 24/10/1891. Conlon St., Belfast. ADM 188/881/7435

RN. AB. 239149. Boy service from 21/01/1907. Enrolled 09/02/1909 for 12 years. War service in Vivid, Devonshire and Woolwich. Served to 08/03/1920. Born Belfast 09/02/1891. ADM 188/423/238149

RN. AB. Moonstone Street, Belfast. Malone – PCI RH

RN. Petty Officer Regulating. 221060. HMS Ajax. Died 15/06/1920. Drowned. Aged 33. Enrolled 26/07/1904 for 12 years. Re-engaged 13/02/1919. In HMS Revenge at Jutland. War service in Leviathan, Vivid, Berwick and Revenge. Born Belfast 26/07/1886. Husband of Katherine M. Armstrong (nee Melville), Southwell Rd., Bangor. Batoum British Cemetery. Haidar Pasha Memorial, Turkey. ADM 188/389/221060

RN. AB. HM Trawler Rose. Adelaide Terrace, Larne, Gardenmore – PCI RH

RN. AB. 218193. HMS Colossus, Jutland. Enrolled 08/05/1913 for 12 years. Re-engaged 13/08/1920. Served in Colossus 24/09/1912 – 27/02/1917. Enrolled RFR 16/03/1917. Served to 08/03/1921. Born Belfast 08/05/1885. ADM 188/383/218193

RNAS. F6278. Petty Officer Mechanic. Armoured Car Division. 3 Squadron. Enrolled 24/06/1915 for hostilities. March – July 1915 served with No. 15 Squadron in Belgium and France. On 04/12/1915 he joined up with Locker Lampson’s unit (3 Squadron) as a Petty Officer Mechanic, bound for Russia :

Aug/Sept 1916 Caucasian front (facing the Turks)
Nov/Dec 1916 Romanian front (facing the Bulgarians)
Dec 1916 Awarded Russian Medal of St George for gallantry during action in Topalul (Dobruja region of Romania). The medal was presented by General Sirelius in Hirsova (Romania) 8/12/1916.
Dec 1916/Jan 1917 Continuing service on Romanian front.
Feb/April 1917 Served on Russia/Romania border.
March 1917 outbreak of Russian Revolution.
June 1917 Served in Galicia (NE province of Austria-Hungary) in support of the Brusilov offensive (last major Russian action of WW1).
July 1917 Withdrawn to base in Proskurov (Russia)
Sept 1917 Returned to England
Feb 1918 returned to civilian life.

Many of the men from Locker Lampson’s unit transferred across to the Motor Machine Gun Corp on their return to UK and were then sent out to Baku under General Dunsterville to defend the oilfields there. This unit was known as the “Dunsterforce”. John however was not ordered to do this as his only brother, Billy (seven years younger than John) had just been killed on 27/12/1917 (age 24) while serving with the 14th Bn Black Watch in Jerusalem.
Linen sales man pre-war. Born 25/01/1886. Son of William Armstrong (a linen merchant trading as Wm. Armstrong & Son, Upper Queen Street, Belfast) and mother Elizabeth. One of nine children – seven sisters and one brother – at Ballysallagh House, Clandeboye, Bangor, Co Down. John worked with his father in the family linen business as a salesman before travelling to Australia in 1910 where he worked on McConnells Cattle Station in Queensland. He returned home to Bangor in 1912. ADM 188/572/6278

RN. Stoker First Class. K54829. Enrolled 23/10/1918 for 12 years. Record ceases 02/09/1926. Born Londonderry 18/12/1899. ADM 188/970/54829

RN. Stoker. HMS Dominion. Moonstone Street, Belfast. Malone – PCI RH

RNAS. ACM. F28284. Enrolled 18/04/1917 for hostilities. In President II, Crystal Palace, Mullion and Plymouth. Eastern Mediterranean (17/12/1917 – 31/03/1918) in Europa and Ark Royal (Mudros Bay). Transferred to RAF 31/03/1918. Born Ballymena 09/01/1895. ADM 188/616/28284

Carnmoney Parish Church RH

ARMSTRONG, William John
RN. Stoker First Class. K55545. Previously J35114. Boy service from 24/02/1915. Enrolled 03/04/1917 for 12 years. 23/03/1919 transferred as Stoker First Class to K55545. War service in Pembroke, Hyacinth and Himalaya. Served to 04/05/1921. Born Belfast 03/05/1899. ADM 188/972/55545

RN. AB.222929. HMS Princess Royal, Jutland. Enrolled 22/02/1905 for 12 years. War service in Active, Vivid and Forth. In Princess Royal from 10/02/1915 until demob 26/05/1919. Born Belfast 22/02/1887. ADM 188/392/222929

ARNOLD, John Wesley
RM. 13443. Gunner. HMS Dreadnought. Seriously wounded December 1916. Hospitalised. Honourable discharge March 1917. Born Drumcree, Portadown. 1896. Married Annie McCarthy 1925. Son of James and Martha Arnold. Died 05/01/1961. Belfast City Cemetery. Drumcree Parish Church WM

RNAS. Petty Officer Mechanic. F9473. Armoured Car Division. Enrolled 16/11/1915 for hostilities. In Russia 01/10/1916 – 29/10/1917. Transferred to Machine Gun Corps 17/01/1918. Mechanised driver. Born Londonderry 22/03/1897. ADM 188/578/9476

RNAS. Petty Officer. Armoured Car Division. Russia. Enlisted age 40. Tailor pre-war. Beechfield Street, Belfast

ASH, John
RMLI. Private. 17406. Enlisted 03/10/1914. Served in Dardanelles 07/1915 – 12/1915. Wounded. Discharged 13/02/1936 on termination of his second period of engagement. Re-enlisted (PLY X1577) on 14/10/1941, serving in RMD Lympstone and Plymouth Division to 31/12/1944. Born 24/01/1897. Son of Alexander Ash, Dundrod. Husband to Blanche Florence Ash, Clarence St., Devonport. Killead – PCI RH. ADM 159/160/17406

ASH, Joseph
RNAS. Petty Officer Mechanic. F9477. Armoured Car Division. 2 Squadron. Enrolled 16/11/1915 for hostilities. In Russia 10/10/1916 – 11/02/1918. Transferred to Machine Gun Corps. Draper’s assistant pre-war. Born Belfast 08/08/1890. Northumberland Street, Belfast. ADM 188/578/9477

RN. AB. J46340. Enrolled 09/11/1915 for hostilities. Pembroke I, prince Eugenie and Undaunted. Demobbed 19/02/1919. Born Belfast 13/07/1876. ADM 188/739/46340

ASHLEE, George Thomas
RN. Petty Officer. J6716. Boy service from 11/01/1910. Enrolled 02/07/1912 for 12 years. War service in Pembroke I, Indomitable, Woolwich and Columbine. Served to 01/12/1928. Born Holywood 02/07/1899. ADM 188/660/6716

ASHTON, Charles Joseph
RN. Petty Officer. 234609. Boy service from 09/08/1905. Enrolled 06/08/1907 for 12 years. War service in Doris, Defiance, TB4 (Leander and St. George), Attentive, Defiance and Vivid I. Record ceases 06/03/1917. Born Cushendall 06/08/1889. ADM 188/416/234609

RNVR. Lieutenant. RUYC RH

ASPELL, Robert Clyde
RN. Petty Officer. J10797. Boy service from 26/01/1911. Enrolled 24/01/1912. Re-engaged 23/06/1923. Served to 31/12/1927. War service in Foresight, Egmont RND (Port Said), Duke and Vivid. ‘Detained by Bolsheviks and taken to Baku, May 1918’. Born Belfast 24/01/1894. Leopold Street, Belfast. Rosemary St – PCI RH. Woodvale – PCI RH. ADM 188/668/10797

+ATCHESON, James Alexander
RN. Petty Officer First Class. 165519 (Dev). HMS Pheasant. Died 01/03/1917. Aged 36. Pheasant hit a mine off the Orkneys and sank. The mine was laid by the German U-boat U80.  At the time of her sinking Pheasant was acting as a dispatch ship for the Grand Fleet. During the Dardanelles campaign he was stationed at Europa II, a depot in Stavros Bay. Born Mullavilly, 14/04/1880. Enlisted 01/08/1895. Bellevue St., Belfast. St Michael’s Parish Church RH. Plymouth Naval Memorial, Panel 20. IMR

RN. Seaman. Carrickfergus. Joymount – PCI RH

ATKINSON, Frederick
RN. Stoker I. SS105686. Enrolled 28/08/1907 for 5 and 7 years. Served to 24/08/1912. Joined RFR 25/08/1912. Served from 02/08/1914 in Pembroke II and Birmingham. Invalided 21/07/1915. Born Belfast 13/06/1888. ADM 188/1111/105686

RN. AB. University St., Belfast. First Bangor – PCI RH

AUSTIN, William
RN. AB. College Avenue. First Bangor – PCI RH

AUSTIN, William Matthew
RN. AB. J26219. Enrolled 26/05/1914 for 12 years. Re-engaged 20/01/1916. War service in Irresistible, Swiftsure, Vivid, Defiance, Hecla, Dolphin and Bonaventure. Served to 29/12/1918. Born Belfast 02/05/1896. ADM 188/699/26219

RM Band. RMB/108 (Po). Musician. HMS Bulwark. Died 26/11/1914. Explosion Sheerness. Enrolled as a Band Boy (342840) 10/10/1902 for 12 years. Boy service in Impregnable and Caledonia. To RN School of Music Eastley, 07/08/1903. Born Shoreditch, London 10/10/1984. Husband of Georgina Aversely from Bangor, later of Lakeview Lodge, Gilford Rd., Lurgan. ADM 188/518/342840

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