Royal Navy Roll of Honour WW1. B

BACON, Charles Frederick
RNR. Gunner. He volunteered for active service in the winter of 1915 (aged about 22 years), and ships served in included HMS Albemarle, a battle cruiser. He was commended for gallantry at sea off Malta during an engagement with an enemy submarine in 1917. Before the War he was a fisherman. Son of Mr. James and Mrs. Catherine (Kate) McComb Stirling Bacon, lived at Crescent View, Portstewart. Charles was living at Heathmount, when he died on 24/02/1956; he was buried in Agherton Cemetery. Agherton Parish Church RH.

RNR. Gunner. He volunteered for active service in the winter of 1915 (aged about 23 years), and ships served in included HMS Albemarle. Before the War he was a fisherman. Son of Robert and step-mother, Lizzie, of Teresa Terrace (Heathmount), Portstewart. Agherton Parish Church RH.

BACON, James
RNR. Gunner. He volunteered for active service in the winter of 1915 (aged about 24 years), and ships served in included HMS Albemarle. Before the War he was a fisherman. Son of Mr. James and Mrs. Catherine (Kate) McComb Stirling Bacon, lived at Crescent View, Portstewart. James was living at Heathmount when he died on 1/5/1960; he was buried in Agherton Cemetery. Agherton Parish Church RH.

RNR. Gunner. He volunteered for active service in the Winter of 1915 (aged about 24 years), and ships served in included HMS Albemarle. Before the War he was a fisherman. His father, Robert and step-mother, Lizzie, lived at Teresa Terrace (Heathmount), Portstewart. Mark was living at Upper Heathmount when he died on 12 /11/1959; he was buried in Agherton Cemetery. Agherton Parish Church RH.

RN. 223470. HMS New Zealand. Garvaghy Lane, Portadown

+BAILEY, Samuel McCutcheon
RN. ERA II. M11615. HMTB No. 10. Died 10/06/1915. Aged 22. Enrolled 19/01/1915 for hostilities. IN Pembroke II, Undaunted and Acteon (TB10). Born Lurgan 02/07/1897. Son of William and Minnie Bailey, Mourneview St., Portadown; husband to Martha Bailey, Montague St., Portadown. Chatham Naval Memorial, Panel 10. St Mark’s Church, Portadown. Portadown WM. ADM 188/1041/11615

BAILEY, William Henry
RN. Entered Royal School Dungannon 1897

BAILIE, Archibald Finlay
RN. AB. 223673. Enrolled 10/07/1903 for 12 years. War service in Vivid, President, Colleen, Cambrian. Demobbed 28/02/1919. Born Belfast 10/07/1885. ADM 188/394/223673

RN. AB. Wolf Street, Belfast. Westbourne – PCI RH

BAILIE, David Smith
RN. Leading Seaman. 233019. Boy service from 13/11/1904. Enrolled 29/01/1907 for 12 years. War service in Defiance, Vivid I, Exmouth and Bellona. Demobbed 31/04/1919. Joined RFR 01/05/1919. Born Belfast 29/01/1889. ADM 188/413/233019

BAILIE, Robert John
RN. Leading Stoker. 301969. Enrolled 05/11/1902 for 12 years. Served to 02/08/1911. Joined RFR 03/09/1911. War service in Vivid II, Illustrious and Vengeance. Served 02/08/1914 – 12/02/1919. Born Belfast 18/01/1882. ADM 188/490/301969

RN. Carlisle Street, Belfast. Ekenhead – PCI RH


RNR. Paymaster Sub-Lieutenant. Marathon, Green Road, Belfast. Knock – PCI RH

BAILLIE, John Strachan
RN. Writer III. M18286. Enrolled 03/01/1916 for hostilities. War service in Pembroke, Eurasia and Egmont until 05/10/1917. Born Belfast 28/07/1896. ADM 188/1054/18286

+BAILLIE, Robert McDonald
RN. Stoker 2nd Class. K53085. HMS Hercules. Enrolled 16/08/1918 for hostilities. In Victory and Hercules. Demobbed 15/10/1919. Born Port Glasgow 10/10/1894. Died 03/12/1919. Son of Robert Baillie,Vicarage St., Belfast. Joint headstone, Dundonald Cemetery.

RMLI. Private. 7542(PO) HMS Bayano. Died 11/03/1915. Buried Portaferry

RN. AB. 238845. Enrolled 15/04/1909. Re-engaged 13/05/1921. Served to 04/01/1928. War service in Vivid and Challenger. Born Banbridge 15/04/1891. ADM 188/424/238845

RN. AB. Bloomfield Avenue, Belfast. Megain Memorial – PCI RH

+BAIRD, Alexander
RN. Seaman. J34064. HMS Vanguard. Died 09/07/1917. Age 19. Killed by internal explosion of vessel at Scapa Flow. Served at Jutland. Enrolled 12/04/1916 for 12 years after Boy service in Impregnable from 27/01/1915. In Vanguard as Seaman from 01/05/1915. Born Belfast 12/04/1898. Son of William and Ellen Baird, Upper Meadow St., Belfast. Plymouth Naval Memorial. IMR. ADM 188/715/34064

BAIRD, Alexander
Belfast. Husband to Eileen

BAIRD, Samuel
RN. Assist. Paymaster. Fitzroy Avenue, Belfast. Great Victoria Street – PCI RH

BAIRD, William
RNTS. Engineer. Twice Torpedoed. Brookvale Avenue, Belfast. Agnes Street – PCI RH

BAIRD, William
RN. AB. Tandragee – PCI RH
BAIRD, William David
RN. AB. SS2213. Enrolled 18/01/1908. Served to 25/01/1913. To RFR 26/01/1913. Served 13/07/1914 – 23/02/1919 in Leviathan and Victory I. Born Markethill 07/11/1888. ADM 188/1096/2213

RNR. Portaferry. Masonic Lodge 104

BAKER, William
RN. Stoker I. 297720. Enrolled 25/06/1901 for 12 years. War service in Vivid I, Donegal and Centurion. Demobbed 27/02/1919. Born Belfast 02/06/1883. ADM 188/482/297720

RN. Leading Telegraphist. J30932. HMS Neptune, Jutland. Boy service from 18/05/1914. Enrolled 20/02/1917 for 12 years. Re-engaged 12/06/1928. War service in Impregnable, Pembroke, Neptune, Cyclops, and Sandhurst. Born Belfast 20/02/1899. ADM 188/708/30932

RNR. Sub-Lieutenant. Marlborough Street, Londonderry. First Derry – PCI RH

+BANFORD, Charles
RMLI. Private. PLY/17001. Died of wounds 11/12/1916. Aged 21. Enrolled 21/08/1914. Whilst being numbered with the Plymouth Battalion, records show he was serving with the Deal Battalion, RMLI, when wounded with MEF at Gallipoli 25/02/1915 – 01/05/1915. It was a head wound caused by shrapnel. He was invalided to UK 07/05/1915 and discharged invalided on 03/11/1916. Born Belfast 27/04/1986. Son of J. Banford, Hutchinson St., Belfast. Husband to Maud Banford, Excise St., Belfast. Belfast City Cemetery. ADM 159/160/17001

BANKHEAD, Alexander
RN. Stoker First Class. J78541 and SS124473. Boy service from 16/09/1917. Enrolled 13/08/1918 for 12 years. War service in Powerful, Victory I and Inconstant. Served to 12/08/1923. Joined RFR 13/08/1923. Demobbed 03/10/1938. Born Ballymena 13/08/1900. ADM 188/804/78541, ADM 188/1130/124473

RN. Chief Petty Officer. 227623. Boy service from 30/07/1903. Enrolled 18/11/1905 for 12 years. War service in Devonshire, Vivid I and Dartmouth. Served to 17/11/1927. Joined RFR 05/10/1928. Born Magheramourne 18/11/1887. ADM 188/402/227623

BANN, Adam
RN. Stoker Second Class. K44659. Enrolled 31/07/1917 for hostilities. Served in Victory, Gibraltar, Victory II and Fearless. Demobbed 28/07/1919. Born Lisburn 24/05/1890. ADM 188/956/44659

BANNISTER, George William
RNAS. Airman. F9352. Served in President, Great Yarmouth, Crystal Palace and Daedalus. Transferred to RAF 31/03/1918. Born Lisburn 02/07/1895. ADM 188/578/9352

RNVR. Midshipman. Central Presbyterian Association. RBAI.

BARBER, Joseph
RN. CERA. M5480. Enrolled 01/01/1913 for 12 years. War service in Victory II, Queen Mary, Vernon and Royal Sovereign. Served to 06/12/1928. Born Belfast 24/09/1888. ADM 188/1028/5480

BARBOUR, Frederick
RN. Artificer. Londonderry. Second Derry, Great James’ Street – PCI RH

RN. Stoker. 307301. Enrolled 25/08/1904 for 12 years. War service in Blake,Vivid II and Egmont. Invalided 17/08/1919. Born Newcastle 10/10/1885. ADM 188/501/307301

RN. St John’s Parish Church, Newcastle RH

BARKLEY, Thomas M.
HMPS. Lieutenant. Greenisland. First Carrickfergus – PCI RH

RN. AB. HMS Acquarious. Clonlee, Larne, Gardenmore – PCI RH

RND. Chief Petty Officer. A 2243. Anton Batt. BEF September 1916. Demobbed 29/09/1916. N of K, wife, Crimea Street, Belfast. ADM339

BARNES, George
Seaman. Ballymaccarrett Masonic Lodge

BARNES, George
RNR. Lieutenant. Ballymaccarrett Masonic Lodge

RN. Stoker. Torpedoed three times. Altnaveigh. Newry, Downshire Road – PCI RH

BARNES, Robert
RNR. Lieutenant. Ballymaccarrett Industry Masonic Lodge, Belfast

BARNES, Robert
RN. Coastguard. Ballymaccarrett Industry Masonic Lodge, Belfast

BARNETT, Arthur Edward
RN. Leading Seaman. 204026. Boy service from 22/11/1904. Enrolled 03/01/1902 for 12 years and renewed 03/01/1914. War service in Blenheim, Exmouth, Vivid I and Sandhurst. Invalided 16/07/1919. Born Groomsport 03/01/1884. ADM 188/355/204026

+BARNETT, William
RN. Stoker 1st Cl. SS/109372. HMS Pathfinder. Died 05/09/1914. Aged 30. Killed in action with submarine off Firth of Forth. (Served as William Swann). Son of Ann Jane Swann (formerly Barnett), Orchard St., Belfast, and the late Charles Alfred Barnett. Chatham Naval Memorial, Panel 4.

BARNEY, Lewis Winter
RNAS. Air Mechanic I. F2382. Enlisted 02/12/1914 for hostilities. Served in Pembroke, President, Crystal Palace, Flanders 13/05/1915 – 04/08/1915 and Alexandria. Discharged from RN 27/08/1916 to take up commission in army. Electrical engineer. Born Drumsna, Leitrim 14/10/1885. ADM 188/564/2382


BARR, George
RN. AB. J54279. Enrolled 21/06/1916. Served in Pembroke. Demobbed 13/04/1919. Born Ballymena 02/06/1897. ADM 188/755/54279

BARR, James
RN. AB. J4763. HMS Colossus. Jutland. Enrolled 12/07/1910 for 12 years. Re-engaged 28/02/1922. War service in Defiance, Vivid, Melbourne and Endymion. Served to 10/11/1928. Born Londonderry 12/07/1892. ADM 188/656/4763

+BARR, Joseph Jubilee
RND. Stoker 1st Cl. SS/108937. Hood Battalion, 2nd Naval Brigade. Died 27/05/1915. Enlisted in the RN 23rd July 1909 for 5 years plus 7 years Special Service. Served in HMS King Edward VII. Enrolled in the RFR 19th July 1914 ; Hood Battalion A/87 17/9/14-27/5/15 Sancroft St., Belfast. Obituary notice in Belfast Telegraph 19/6/1915. Photo in Belfast Telegraph 25/6/1917. Born Belfast June 17/06/1887. Husband to Josephine Barr, Sandcroft Street, Belfast (later of Walbeck Street, Belfast). In civil life he was employed as an assistant reeling master. 1914 Star issued to widow 05/04/19. Funeral conducted by Chaplain B Close. Special Memorial A7. Skew Bridge Cemetery. Dardanelles. IMR. ADM339

BARR, Joseph
RM Artillery. Gunner. 10463. HMS Barham. Jutland. Enlisted Glasgow 28/04/1903. War service in Columbine and Iron Duke. Re-engaged 13/03/1915. Discharged 16/09/1922. Born 28/12/1883. Woodbine Terr., Coleraine. New Row – PCI RH. ADM 159/81/10463

BARR, Robert
Private. Motor Transport. Cheviot Avenue, Belfast. Ballyfrenis United Free Church which is between Carrowdore and Millisle. The Free Church joined the PCI in 1922. PCI RH

BARR, Thomas
RMLI. Private. 18298. Plymouth Division. Enlisted 30/07/1915. Discharged 05/11/1919, invalided. Oiler in rope works. Born 18/03/1898. Cheviot Avenue, Belfast. Ballyfrenis United Free Church. ADM 159/162/18298

+BARRETT, Norman James
RNR. Sub Lieutenant. Died 14/03/1915. Age 21. Brompton Hospital, London. Third son of James Hunter Barrett JP and Eleanor Jane Barrett of Church Rd., Holywood, and later of Seaview, Queen’s Parade, Bangor, County Down. The family later moved to London. Norman was the first of three brothers to die in the war. Family memorial in Bangor Abbey, St Comgall’s Churchyard. Underneath his inscription is the following. “When thou passest thru the waters, I will be with thee. Home is the sailor, home from the sea.” Bangor Masonic Lodge RH

BARRON, Humphrey
RMLI. Private. 14873. Enlisted 01/10/1909. Recalled for World War II. Born 15/06/1891. Umgall. Lylehill – PCI RH. ADM 159/156/14873

RN. Seaman. Carrickfergus. Joymount – PCI RH

BARRY, Joseph
RN. Leading Seaman. 222642. Boy service from 17/09/1902. Enrolled 08/01/1905 for 12 years. War service in Vivid I and Albion. Records cease 06/11/1914. Born Larne 08/01/1887. ADM 188/392/222642

BATCHELOR, Charles Richard
RMLI. Sergeant.14155. Enrolled 06/09/1900. War service in Portsmouth Division, Victory, City of Edinburgh, Albemarle and Kent. Served to 06/09/1921. Born 10/02/1882 Sutton, Surrey. Burnbrae Ave., Portadown. ADM 159/186/14155

BATTEN, George
RN. AB. 298596. Enrolled 21/099/1901 for 12 years. Joined RFR 21/09/1913. War service in Jupiter, Vivid, Attentive. Order of St. Stanislaus (Russian), June 1915. Demob 15/03/1919. Born Orlock Hill, Co. Down 21/06/1883. Beatrice Road, Bangor. Belfast Corporation RH. ADM 188/484/298596

RN. AB. 222981. Boy service from 01/10/1905. Enrolled 04/07/1906 for 12 years. War service in Cambrian, Vivid I, Defiance and Tiger. Served to 03/04/1919. Joined RFR 19/09/1919. Born Donaghadee 04/07/1887. ADM 188/392/222981

+BAX, Arthur
Stoker First Class. K26492. HMS Black Prince, Jutland. Died 31/05/1916. Age 23. Enrolled 26/05/1915 for hostilities. War service in Victory, Vernon and Black Prince (1915) and 26/01/1916 – 31/05/1916. Born Belfast 23/03/1893. ADM 188/919/26492

RMLI. Private. 21521. Chatham Division. Enlisted 27/08/1917. Served in Deal, Chatham and HMS Royal Scot. Discharged on compassionate grounds 11/04/1919. Born Belfast 26/08/1900. Motor mechanic. Ward Avenue, Bangor. Hamilton Road. Presbyterian Church RH. ADM 159/136/21521

BAXTER, Reginald
RN. Artificer. M3820. HMS Centurion. Jutland. Enlisted 13/10/1914 for 12 years. Re-enrolled 09/08/1926 and served to 01/01/1929. War service in Vivid II and Centurion from 04/03/1916 – 06/03/1919 involved also in Russian civil war. Born Portadown 23/10/1896. Son of William and Ann Jane Baxter, Parkmount. (Portadown News 1916). First Portadown – PCI RH. ADM 188/1025/3820

+BAXTER, Samuel
RNR. Seaman. 1319C. HMS Wellington. Also served in HMT Star of the East. Died Plymouth Hospital 17/02/1918. Aged 38. Husband of Bridget Baxter, Portland St., Larne Harbour, Larne. Ford Park Cemetery, Plymouth. Larne WM

BAXTER, William
RN. Acting Leading Stoker. SS113446. A carpenter, he enlisted 07/01/1913 for 5 – 7 years. War service in St. George, Ettick, Victory II, Pembroke, Dido, Lucia, Salvia and Gallardia. To RFR 23/02/1919. Born Belfast 18/11/1894. ADM 188/1119/113446

+BAXTER, William John
RN. Leading Seaman. Arthur Square, Masonic Lodge, Belfast

BAXTER, William John
RNR. Lieutenant. Arthur Square, Masonic Lodge, Belfast

BEATON, James Haldane
RN. AB. SS3645. Enrolled 06/07/1911 for 5 and 7 years. War service in Monmouth, Vivid I, Blake (Rifleman) and Hecla (Mystic). Invalided 21/05/1919. Born Belfast 01/07/1893. ADM 188/1097/3645

BEATTIE, Alexander
RN. Petty Officer. St. Aubyn Street, Belfast. Newington – PCI RH

+BEATTIE, Edward
RM Artillery. Gunner. 13385. HMS Redbreast. Died 15/07/1917. Age 22. HMS Redbreast was a passenger/cargo ship requisitioned by the Government during World War I, and used as a messenger ship and antisubmarine Q ship. She was torpedoed and sunk by UC – 38 in the Aegean Sea whilst on passage from Skyros to the Doro Channel. Forty two crew were killed. Edward had served three periods in HMS Agamemnon including Gallipoli and was in Redbreast 11/02/1917 – 15/07/1917. Born Dromore 25/12/1894. Son of James Beattie, Blackskull, Dromore, Co. Down. Portsmouth Naval Memorial. Donacloney WM. ADM 159/87/13385

BEATTIE, Francis James
RN. Leading Seaman. M13692. Enrolled 04/06/1915 for 12 years. War service in Pembroke I, Chatham, Crescent and Platypus. Transferred to RAN 14/08/1921. Born Belfast 22/01/1896. ADM 188/1045/13692

RN. Leading Stoker. SS109380. Enrolled 25/11/1909 for 5 and 7 years. Demobbed 18/03/1919. War service in St. George, Wallington, Pembroke, and Hecla. Born Enniskillen11/04/1891. ADM 188/1115/109380

RN. AB. SS3477. Served from 31/12/1910 – 14/03/1919. War service in Active, Vivid I, Valiant and Woolwich. Born Belfast 11/10/1892. ADM 188/1097/3477

RN. AB. Order of St. Stanislaus and Silver Medal. Haypark Avenue, Belfast. Great Victoria Street – PCI RH

RN. Lieutenant. Dromore Cathedral RH

RNAS. AM I. F12602. Enrolled 14/03/1916 for hostilities. Served in President I, Dunkirk, Daedalus, and Stonehenge. Transferred to RAF 31/03/1918. Born Lisburn 31/01/1887. ADM 188/585/12602

BEATTIE, James Alexander
RN. Stoker First Class. K24032. Enlisted 23/01/1915 for hostilities. War service in Victory II, Greenwich and Colleen. Invalided 26/08/1918. Born Cookstown 15/08/1884. ADM 188/915/24032

RN. Acting Gunner First Class. 213789. Enrolled 14/07/1913 for 12 years. War service in Essex and Suffolk. Born Dromore, Co.Down 14/07/1855. ADM 188/374/213789

J68235. Enrolled 07/03/1917 for hostilities. War service in Pembroke and Wildfire. Served to 25/09/1919. Born Belfast 04/02/1898. ADM 188/783/68235

RN. Mountshalgus. Randalstown OC – Presbyterian Church RH

BEATTIE, Samuel Agnew
RN. AB. J50220. Boy service from 01/03/1916. Enrolled 03/12/1917 for 12 years. War service in Impregnable and Temeraire. Served to 01/07/1927. Born Belfast 03/12/1899. ADM 188/747/50220

RN. Seaman. Hillman Street, Belfast. Newington – PCI RH

RN. Seaman. J32416. HMS Royalist, Jutland. Boy service in Impregnable, Victory I, and Royalist from 31/07/1914 – 28/07/1916 when promoted to Ordinary Seaman. Served in Royalist and Victory I. Demobbed 21/04/1918. Born Belfast 28/07/1898. ADM 188/711/32416

BEATTIE, William
RN. Stoker First Class. K2892. Enlisted 25/05/1909 for 12 years. War service in Theseus, Vivid I, Pembroke and Vivid II. Served to 27/07/1921. Born Belfast 05/01/1890. ADM 188/872/2892

BEATTIE, William
RN. AB. HMS Jupiter. Order of St. Stanislaus and Silver Medal, June 1915. Son of James Beattie, Haypark Avenue, Belfast. Great Victoria Street – PCI RH

BEATTIE, William
RN. AB. HMS Hope. Bristol Street, Belfast. Agnes Street – PCI RH

BEATTIE, William
RN. Seaman. Belfast Corporation RH.

RN. Petty Officer. 213789. Boy service from 20/03/1901. Enrolled 14/07/1903 for 12 years. Passed education exam for Petty Officer 01/12/1907. War service in Essex and Suffolk. Weaver. Born Dromore, Co. Down 14/07/1885. ADM 188/374/213789

+BEATTY, David
RNVR. RND. Second Lieutenant. Drake Battalion. Died 25/03/1918. Aged 23. David Beatty was a Civil Servant working at the Board of Trade in Tilbury when he enlisted, receiving his commission as a Temporary Sub Lieutenant on 27/06/1917. He was transferred to the British Expeditionary Force as a Qualified Revolver Instructor on 13/02/1918 and joined Drake Battalion on 06/03/1918. Born 01/04/1895. Eldest son of David and Mary Beatty, Ballyearl, Carnmoney. Arras Memorial. Carnmoney Masonic Lodge RH. Carnmoney – PCI RH. ADM339

BEATTY, George Robert
RNAS. Petty Officer Mechanic. F2741. Armoured Car Division. Enrolled 12/12/1914 for hostilities. In Pembroke III, President, France 19/07/1915, Russia 01/10/1916 – 05/01/1918. To army, RAC. Born Holywood 20/03/1892. University Street, Belfast. ADM 188/565/2741

BECK, James
RMLI. Serjeant. Co. Down

BECK, Ralph Bullock
RNR. Lieutenant. Served in both World Wars. Extra Master Mariner 1919. In command of HM Transports 1939 – 45. Son of Mrs. Beck, Knocknavalley House, North Road, Bloomfield, Belfast. B 01/08/1888. Campbell College 600.

BECK, Walter Alexander
RNVR. Surgeon Probationer. Appointed to RNH Haslar along with Allison and Lyttle. Later served in HMS Rifleman, a destroyer. Graduated QUB in 1921 and went into general practice in Belfast. He conducted medical examinations of recruits to RN and RM. Knutsford Drive, Belfast. Agnes Street – PCI RH

BECK, W Edmund
RN. Surgeon Probationer. Served in the destroyer HMS Obdurate. Later went into general practice in Belfast. Lisburn Rd., Belfast. Malone – PCI RH

BEGGS, James
RNR. Dunluce House. First Larne – PCI RH

BEGGS, Joseph
RNVR. Seaman. Ship Street, Belfast. Sinclair Seaman’s – PCI RH

BEGGS, William
RN. J2393. Leading Telegraphist. Enrolled 15/08/1906 for 12 years. War service in Suffolk, Vivid I, Defiance, Leander, Cyclops, and Victorious II. Served to 11/09/1920. Born Carrickfergus 26/10/1885. ADM 188/651/2393

BEGGS, William
RN. Wireless Operator. Donegall Road, Belfast. Ulsterville – PCI RH

+BEGGS, William John
RMLI. RND. 16347 (Ply). Private. 2nd RM. Battalion. Died 30/10/1916. France. Age 21. Enlisted 15/08/1913. Killed in action (with a working party from Englebelmer). Plymouth Battalion at Ostend, Dunkirk & Defence of Antwerp 1914 ; MEF 06/02/1915-04/03/1915 slightly wounded at Kum-Kale, No.3 Company Plymouth Battalion, to hospital Malta, rejoined Battalion 29/03/1915-01/10/1915. Pyrexia Unknown Origin. Rejoined 2nd Royal Marine Battalion 26/10/15-30/10/16 Born 10/07/1895. Son of William J and Mrs. EM Beggs, Swift St., Belfast. 1914 Star issued to mother, Mrs. EM Beggs, 12/12/1919. Hamel Military Cemetery, Beaumont Hamel, France. IMR. ADM 159/158/16347

+BELL, Alexander Stewart
RN. Chief Petty Officer. HMS Magic II. Died 03/12/1918 in Bristol. Magic II, a hospital ship, was built in Belfast. Born 29/08/1894. Son of James (a retired Marine) and Martha Bell, Railwayview St., Bangor. Bangor WM. Bangor RBL Memorial plaque. Hamilton Road – PCI RH

BELL, Alexander
RN. Wrm II. M18690. Enrolled 03/02/1916 for hostilities. Served in Vernon and Victory II. Demobbed 19/02/1919. Born Dungannon 10/10/1891. ADM 188/1055/18690

BELL, Alexander
RNVR. Private. Dungannon – PCI RH. Royal School Dungannon

BELL, Charles D
RN. Surgeon. Millicent Terrace, Portadown. First Portadown – PCI RH

+BELL, David
RN. Stoker 1st Class. SS108915. HMS Hawke. Died 15/10/1914. Age 28. Enrolled 16/07/1909. Served to 11/07/1914. Transferred to RFR 12/07/1914. Served in Hawke 05/08/1914 – 15/10/1914. Born Ballymena 24/09/1887. Son of Edmond and Jane Bell, Belfast. Husband to Annie McCauley, Ambleside St., Belfast. Chatham Naval Memorial. ADM 188/1114/108915

BELL, David Henry
RN. Stoker. SS109684. Enrolled 10/03/1910 for 5 and 7 years. War service in Acteon, Pembroke II, Vengeance, Europa, and Chester. Joined RFR 07/04/1919. Born Belfast 09/11/1891. ADM 188/1115/109684

BELL, Edward
RN. K53352. Enrolled 07/08/1918 for hostilities. Pembroke II and Inflexible. Demobbed 28/08/1919. Born Belfast 06/01/1900. ADM 188/969/53352

BELL, Edwin James
RN. ERA IV. M29593. Enrolled 11/03/1918 for hostilities. Previous army service. War service in Pembroke II and General Crawford. Demobbed 03/06/1919. Born Belfast 20/10/1890. ADM 188/1077/29593

BELL, George
RN. Telegraphist. J45974. War service as a Boy in Impregnable and Ganges, and as a Telegraphist in Hildebrande, Iron Duke and Greenwich. Served to 28/05/1927. Born Belfast 10/11/1899. ADM 188/738/45974

+BELL, George Sinclair
RN. Stoker 1st Class. 308909. HMS Pathfinder. Died 05/09/1914. Age 28. Killed in action with submarine off Firth of Forth. Enrolled 01/09/1905 for 5 and 7 years. Born Belfast 31/12/1886. Son of Henry A. and Elizabeth Bell, Earl St., Belfast. Chatham Naval Memorial. Rosemary St – PCI RH. IMR. ADM 188/504/308909

Stoker. Christ Church, Durham Street, Belfast WM.

BELL, Hugh
RNR. Petty Officer. Portaferry. Masonic Lodge 104

+BELL, Hugh Ernest
RNR. Trimmer. 2351/ST. HMS Redoubtable. Died 25/05/1916. Aged 42. Son of John and Catherine Bell, Belfast; husband to Jessie Bell, Ardilaun St., Belfast. Haslar Royal Naval Cemetery

BELL, James Falloon Stewart
RN. Leading Stoker. 308856. Enrolled 23/09/1905 for 12 years. War service in Pembroke II and Hecla. Demobbed 26/03/1919. Born Belfast 29/07/1886. ADM 188/504/308856

+BELL, Joseph
RNR. Stoker. 7603TS. HMS Bittern. Died 04/04/1918. Aged 19. (Served as Joseph Green.). Son of William Bell, Shaftesbury St., Belfast. Portsmouth Naval Memorial, Panel 31. IMR

BELL, Joseph
RN. AB. SS4779. War service from 24/02/1917 in Vivid, London, Seagull and Diligence, Demobbed 27/03/1919. Machinist. Born Ballymena 18/01/1895. ADM 188/1098/4779

BELL, Joseph Alexander
RNAS. Petty Officer Mechanic. F48986. Enrolled 24/01/1918 for hostilities. President II and V. Demobbed 31/05/1918. Born Belfast 11/06/1885. ADM 188/640/48986

BELL, Robert Kelso
RN. Stoker I. K26115. Enrolled 20/05/1915 for hostilities. President II and V, Jupiter and Bacchante. Demobbed 29/13/1919. Born Belfast 14/06/1891. ADM 188/919/26115

RMLI. Private. 17301. Plymouth Division. Enrolled 16/09/1914. In HMS New Zealand 27/05/1915 – 18/02/1918. Wounded Zeebrugge. Discharged 12/11/1919. Re-enlsted for hostilities 13/11/1919. Born Whiteabbey 01/09/1897. Son of Mrs. A. Bell, Abbeyville Cottage, Whiteabbey. ADM 159/160/17301

BELL, Thomas
RN. AB. 231266. HMS Thunderer, Jutland. Enrolled 08/05/1905 for 12 years. War service in Blake and Vivid I. In Thunderer from 15/04/1915 – 27/02/1918. Demobbed 21/04/1919. Joined RFR. Born Belfast 08/05/1887. ADM 188/409/231266

BELL, William
RN. Seaman. J45830. Enrolled 26/10/1915 for hostilities. Discharged 15/03/1916. Box maker. Born Lisburn 03/11/1893. ADM 188/738/45830

BELL, William
RN. Seaman. J93217. Enrolled 18/10/1918 for hostilities. Pembroke I. Demobbed 28/02/1919. Born Belfast 19/08/1900. ADM 188/833/93217

BELL, William
RM. Private. Whiteabbey. Whiteabbey – PCI RH

+BELL, William Ernest
RNR. Seaman. Died 12/09/1918. Aged 20

BELL, William Henry
RN. Stoker. K26135. Enrolled 21/05/1915 for hostilities. Served in Pembroke, Vivid II and Colleen. Demobbed 04/04/1919. Born Belfast 31/01/1894. ADM 188/919/26135

RN. Stoker I. K34866. Enrolled 04/06/1916 for hostilities. Victory II and Hercules. Invalided 19/04/1918. Born Dervock 22/06/1896. ADM 188/936/34866

RNR. AB. SS100927. Enrolled 27/07/1904 for 5 and 7 years. Born Belfast 29/11/1885. Memel St., Belfast. Rosemary St – PCI RH. ADM 188/1106/100927

BELLIS, Samuel Arnott
RNAS. Petty Officer. F6279. Armoured Car Division. Enlisted 255/06/1915. Served in France and Russia. Born Ramelton 21/03/1880. Son of Samuel Arnott and Jane Swiney Bellis, Tullyaighnish Manse, Ramelton. Entered Royal School Dungannon 1892. Died 09/1942, Leicester. Address in 1918, Waveney Cottages, Ballymena. West Church Ballymena – PCI RH. ADM 188/572/6279

RN. Leading Seaman. Bright Street, Belfast. Megain Memorial – PCI RH

BENNET, Andrew
RN. SS709. Stoker I. SS709. Enlisted 28/10/1907. Wounded in action for the second time in 09/1915 in the Dardanelles. Born Comber 08/06/1886. Brownlow St., Comber. Second Comber – PCI RH. ADM 188/1094/709

+BENNETT, Henry John
RN. ERA I. 269426. LS & GC Medal. HMS Amphion. Died 06/08/1914. Aged 36 years. Born Belfast 11/07/1889. Culfeightrin, Torr Head

BENNETT, Hugh Magowan
RMLI. Private. 20652. Chatham Division. Enlisted 01/06/1916. Invalided 30/03/1917. St. Aubyn Street, Belfast, and Alexander Park Ave., Belfast. Born Belfast 10/07/1897. Sinclair Seaman’s – PCI RH. ADM 159/134/20653

BENNETT, Wallace
RN. AB. Jerusalem Street, Belfast. Great Victoria Street – PCI RH

BENSON, Edward White
RNAS. Chief Petty Officer Mechanic. F2880. Armoured Car Division. Enlisted 29/12/1914 for hostilities. Service in Russia. Selected RNVR Sub – Lieutenant 31/12/1916. Born Ballymoney 10/10/1884. Son of Canon and Mrs Benson, Ballymoney Rectory, Co Antrim. ADM 188/565/2880

BENSON, Thomas
RN. AB. 216190. Enrolled 13/05/1903 for 12 years. Discharged 11/12/1909. Joined RFR 12/12/1909. War service 02/08/1914 – 14/02/1919 in Jupiter, Vivid, Defiance and Edgar. Born Dungannon 13/05/1885. ADM 188/379/216190

+BENSON, Wiliam Francis
RNVR. RND. Sub – Lieutenant. Drake Battalion. Died 08/10/1918. Aged 23. France. Commissioned Temporary Sub Lieutenant RNVR 27/02/1918 ; Draft for BEF 25/07/1918, joined Drake Battalion 06/08/1918 – 08/10/1918 Born 03/07/1895. Son of Mrs. Mary J. Benson, nee Gray, Sherries Hill, Caledon, later of Reuben Ave., South Circular Rd., Dublin. Phoenix Masonic Lodge 210, Caledon. ADM339

+BERINGER, William Ernest
RN. Stoker 1st Class. 309949. HMS Goliath. Died 13/05/1915. Aged 28. HMS Goliath was torpedoed by a Turkish destroyer while she was at anchor in Morto Bay off Cape Helles. 570 of the 750 men aboard were lost when the ship sank after an explosion. Two others lost in Goliath, Boy First Class Alfred Henry Gadd and Stoker First Class Hector Hiles, had Newtownards links. “The Admiralty have notified the relatives of William Beringer, High-street, who was on board HMS Goliath, which has been sunk at the Dardanelles with a loss of 500 lives, that they are sorry that his name does not appear in the list of saved.” Enrolled 25/04/1906 for 12 years. Served in Acheron, Pembroke II, Bulwark, Duncan, St.George, Tyne, and Goliath (09/12/1913 – 13/05/1915). Born Newtownards 21/11/1886. Third son of Frederick and Elizabeth Berringer, High St., Portaferry. They had at least seven children. Another son, Frederick, also died in the war serving with Canadian infantry. Their brother John who survived served in the Merchant Navy. Ballyphilip C of I Parish Church RH. Chatham Naval Memorial, Panel 11. ADM 188/506/309949

+BERRY, Christopher Barnett
RN. Artificer. M/11326. HMS Indus. Died:17/03/1915 of cerebral spinal meningitis in RN Hospital, Plymouth Aged 16. Boy service to 21/02/1915. Born Banbridge 30/01/1899. Son of Robert and Arabella Berry, Springfield Rd., Belfast. Ford Park Cemetery (formerly Plymouth Old Cemetery). ADM 188/1040/11326

BERRY, Christopher
Belfast, Masonic

BERRY, David
RN. Senior RA. M10560. Enrolled 15/10/1914. Pembroke I (MFA Agadir). Demobbed 31/05/1919. Born Belfast 21/04/1887. ADM 188/1039/10560

BEST, Alexander
RN. Stoker I. SS114272. Enrolled 20/06/19913 for 5 and 7 years. War service in King George V, Leander, Attentive, Victory II, Pembroke II, Calypso, and Dido. Demobbed 17/10/1919. Joined RFR 18/10/1919. Born Belfast 14/03/1894. ADM 188/1120/114272

BEST, Francis
RN. Stoker First Class. SS112827. Served in President and Blanche 14/10/1913 – 03/03/1919. Joined RFR 04/03/1919. Served to 04/06/1921. Born Belfast 09/02/1891. ADM 188/1118/112827

BEST, Francis
RN. Stoker. Cosgrave Street, Belfast. Newington – PCI RH

BEST, John
RN. AB. 238351. Enrolled 17/03/1908 for 12 years. War service in Vivid, Maidstone and Lucis. Discharged 18/03/1920. Re-entered as AB 20/06/1939. Born Lisburn 17/03/1890. ADM 188/423/238351

BEST, John
RN. AB. Hogarth Street, Belfast. Castleton – PCI RH

BEST, Robert
RN. Stoker First Class. SS111793. Enlisted 22/02/1912. Served in Pembroke, Blanche, Q14, and Viola. Served until 07/03/1919 – joined RFR. Born Belfast 15/02/1894. ADM 188/1117/111793

BEST, Robert
RN. Stoker. Cosgrave Street, Belfast. Newington – PCI RH

BEST, Samuel Leslie
RN. AB. SS3951. Served in Pembroke, Queen, Wallington and Dolphin. Served 23/05/1915 – 07/03/1919. Joined RFR 08/03/1917. Born Belfast 13/12/1893. ADM 188/1097/3951

BEST, Samuel L
RN. Stoker. Hogarth Street, Belfast. Castleton – PCI RH

BESTWICK, Jonathan W
RMLI. Private. Belfast

RNTS. Lieutenant. Balmoral Avenue, Belfast. RBAI. Windsor – PCI RH.

+BEW, John Vincent
RN. RND. Chief Petty Officer. Dev/167694. Anson Battalion. Died 06/05/1915. Age 39. Born Carrickfergus 19/05/1876. Son of late Charles and Elizabeth Ann Bew. Helles Memorial, Turkey. ADM339

RN. Seaman. J67982. Enrolled 10/03/1917 for hostilities. Served in Vivid I, Alsatian, and Eagle. Demobbed 03/02/1919. Born Dromore, Co. Down, 14/04/1895. ADM 188/782/67982

BINGHAM, Edward Barry Stewart
RN. Admiral. VC. OBE. Entered RN in 1895. 1914 Commander (Executive Officer) HMS Invincible which saw action in Battle of the Falkland Islands in December 1914. In command of a destroyer division at Battle of Jutland. On 31/05/1916 he led his division on their attack of enemy destroyers and then on the battle cruisers of the German High Seas Fleet. On sighting the enemy he ordered his own destroyer HMS Nestor with HMS Nicator to close within 2,750 metres so that he could utilise torpedoes. During this time both ships were under concentrated fire. Nestor was sunk. For his actions Bingham was award the Victoria Cross, one of the few awarded for naval bravery during the war. He was a prisoner of war, having been picked up by the Germans at Jutland and was retained in captivity until the end of the war. He retired as a rear Admiral in 1932. Born 26/07/1881 in Bangor, the son of Lord and Lady Clanmorris. Died 24/09/1939. Golders Green cemetery, London. His VC, purchased by Bangor Council at a Sotheby’s auction in 1983 is displayed at the North Down Heritage Centre, Bangor.

RNAS. Petty Officer Mechanic. F1820. Armoured Car Division. Enrolled 29/10/1914 for hostilities. Pembroke III and President II. Record ceases upon disbanding of armoured car division. Born Belfast 18/06/1891. ADM 188/563/1820

+BIRCH, Alexander
RN. Stoker 1st Cl. K24890. Enrolled 10/03/1915. In Pembroke and Indomitable. Invalided 26/12/1917. Born Donaghadee 28/04/1889. Bangor WM. Bangor RBL memorial plaque. ADM 188/916/24890

RN. Stoker. KIA. Belfast. Westbourne – PCI RH

RND. Stoker 1st Class. Ch/ SS/106269. Hood Battalion. Mayo Street, Belfast. Ch/ SS/106269

RN. AB. Earl Street, Belfast. Rosemary St – PCI RH

BIRNEY, Samuel Alexander
RN. AB. J58131. Boy service from 06/09/1916. Enrolled 24/12/1918 for 12 years. War service in Impregnable, Centurion and Vivid II. Born Belfast 24/12/1900. Earl Street, Belfast. Rosemary St – PCI RH. Sinclair Seaman’s – PCI RH. ADM 188/763/58131

RN. Greaser. HMS Duke of Albany. Died 25/08/1916. Ship torpedoed. George’s St., Belfast. IMR. ADM104/147

+BITTLES, George H
RN. Adelaide Ave. Died 21/09/1916. Coleraine Cemetery

BITTLES, William George
RMLI. Corporal. 16110. HMS Donegal. Enlisted Belfast 17/03/1913. Terminated on completion of his second period of engagement 16/03/1934. Enlisted RM Police 01/05/1934. Born Richill 14/03/1894. Draper’s assistant. Husband to Olive Bittles, Orchard Rd., Plymouth. Married 20/08/1918. Cullentraugh, Co. Armagh. Drumbanagher and Jerrettspass – PCI RH. ADM 159/158/16110

BLAIR, Arthur Angus McDonald
RNAS. Petty Officer Mechanic. F2898. Armoured Car Division. Enlisted 30/12/1914 for hostilities. Russia 01/07/1917 – 31/03/1918. Demobbed 06/09/1918. Born Londonderry 23/01/1894. Allworthy Ave, Antrim Rd, Belfast. ADM 188/565/2898

BLACK, Arthur Matthews
RN. Chief Stoker. 294238. Enrolled 04/01/1900 for 12 years. War service in Andromache, Pembroke II, Pelorus, Cormorant, Egmont and Blake. Record ceases 06/03/1918. Born Glenora, Co. Antrim 15/01/1850. ADM 188/475/294238

BLACK, Charles
RN. AB. 233029. Enrolled 25/02/1906 for 12 years. Served in HMS Fox 15/07/1912 – 29/10/1914. He was imprisoned in German East Africa in 1917. An account of his escape is in Charles Black papers PRONI T3119. In HMS Vivid to 07/04/1919 when he was demobbed. Born Londonderry 25/02/1888. ADM 188/413/233029

BLACK, Daniel
RN. AB. J43127. Enrolled 07/08/1915 for hostilities. Served in Vivid, Duke of Edinburgh and Berwick. Demobbed 19/09/1919. Born Cushendall 02/06/1893. ADM 188/733/43127

BLACK, Daniel Joseph
RN. Petty Officer Stoker 291892. Enrolled 12/04/1899 for 12 years; re-engaged 20/04/1911. War service in Pembroke, Marlborough, Shannon, Bluebell and Colleen. Demobbed 08/07/1921. Born Glenarm 03/05/1878. ADM 188/470/291892

BLACK, Daniel Joseph
RN. AB. J44801. Enrolled 17/10/1917 for 12 years. Boy service in Impregnable, Victory, Egmont, Prince of Wales and Vivid 01/19/1915 – 03/07/1917. In Orcana, Vivid and Curlew until 11/1918. Invalided 14/12/1920. Born Larne 18/10/1899. ADM 188/736/44801

BLACK, David
RN. Stoker. K29165. Enrolled 16/11/1915 for hostilities. Served in Pembroke, Blenheim, Gibraltar and Research. Demobbed 25/09/1919. Born Lisburn 23/06/1891. Resided Lambeg. First Lisburn – PCI RH. ADM 188/925/29165

BLACK, Edward
RN. AB. J19560. HMS Centurion, Jutland. Enrolled 22/05/1915 for 12 years. Re-engaged 11/07/1925. War service: Boy in Impregnable, Theseus, Vivid and Centurion. OS 11/02/1915, serving in Centurion to 10/08/1918. Demobbed 12/09/1927. Born Belfast 22/05/1894. ADM 188/686/19560

BLACK, George
RN. Stoker. SS114273. Enrolled 20/06/1913. Demobbed 27/01/1919. Joined RFR 28/02/1919. War service in Pembroke,Weymouth, and Terror. Born Belfast 21/09/1894. ADM 188/1120/114273

BLACK, George
RN. Stoker. N. Howard Street, Belfast. Shankill Road Mission – PCI RH

BLACK, James
RN. CERA I. 270042. Enrolled 15/02/1900 for 12 years. Re-engaged 11/12/1911. Served to 28/10/1918. War service in Swift, Pembroke, Sentinel, Blake and Hecla. Born Belfast 29/01/1876. ADM 188/433/270042

RNAS. Petty Officer. F4513. Enrolled 06/05/1915 for hostilities. Served to 31/03/1918. Served in President, Wing No.1 at Dunkirk and Daedalus. Born Belfast 18/03/1892. Belmont Avenue. Bloomfield – PCI RH. ADM 188/569/4513

RNAS. AC 1. F31366. Enrolled 21/06/1917. Transferred to RAF 31/03/1918. Served in President II, Scapa and Wandsworth. Born Belfast 17/05/1894. ADM 188/622/31366

BLACK, Robert
RN. Leading Stoker. 304313. Enrolled 04/06/1903 for 12 years. Demobbed 18/02/1919. War service in Indus, London, Vivid, Dido and Diligence. Born Belfast 04/12/1880. ADM 188/495/304314

BLACK, Richard
RNR. Eng- Lieutenant. Mountpottinger, Masonic Lodge, Belfast

RM Labour Corps. Private. Deal/13809(S). Died 01/02/1919. Age 48. Born Belfast. Son of Samuel and Jane Black; husband to Sarah Taylor (formerly Black), Urney St., Belfast. Belfast City Cemetery

BLACK, Thomas
RN. 2nd Officer. Ballymaccarrett Masonic Lodge, Belfast

BLACK, William
RN. CERA. Ballymaccarrett Industry Masonic Lodge, Belfast

Tower Street, Belfast. Westbourne – PCI RH

RNVR. Lieutenant. Arthur Square, Masonic Lodge, Belfast

BLACKWOOD, James Jenkins
RN. Officers’ Steward III. L7959. Enrolled 03/12/1915 for hostilities. Demobbed 31/12/1918. Service in Vivid, Suffolk and Cordelia. Clerk. Born Armagh 05/12/1894. ADM 188/1003/7959

RN. Seaman. SS86610. Enrolled 05/06/1918 for 5 and 7 years. War service in Pembroke I and Attentive. Record ceases 21/05/1919. Born Belfast 26/11/1899. ADM 188/1102/8610

BLACKWOOD, William John
RN. Senior Chief Petty Officer. 346494. Enrolled 11/11/1903 for 12 years. Served to 19/06/1925. War service in Ringdove, Tyne, Vivid, and Argus. Born Hamilton, Co. Armagh 04/06/1881. ADM 188/525/346496

BLAIR, Andrew
RN. Stoker First Class. SS107920. Served 23/01/1909 – 24/01/1914. Transferred to RFR 25/01/1914. War service in Pembroke, Halcyon and Champion. Served to 05/03/1919. Born Whitehead 26/09/1890. ADM 188/1113/107920

BLAIR, Andrew
RN. Leading Shipwright. HMS Almanzora. Daddystown, Belfast. Fortwilliam – PCI RH

BLAIR, Arthur Angus McDonald
RNAS. Petty Officer Mechanic. F2898. Armoured Car Division. Enrolled 30/12/1914 for hostilities. Served to 06/09/1918. Service in Pembroke III, President, and Russia (01/07/1917 – 30/03/1918). Born Londonderry 23/01/1894. Allworthy Ave, Antrim Rd, Belfast. ADM 188/565/2898

BLAIR, Charles
RN. Leading Stoker. 309280. Enrolled 03/12/1905 for 12 years. Served to 21/04/1911. Joined RFR. Served 13/07/1914 – 14/03/1919. War service in Prince George, Goliath, Hyacinth, Talbot and Vivid II. Born Belfast 02/08/1886. ADM 188/505/309280

RN. Stoker. Belfast. Newtownbreda – PCI RH

BLAIR, George Washington
RN. AB. J1189. Boy service from 16/04/1908. Enrolled 30/04/1910 for 12 years. Invalided 07/05/1914. War service in Cambrian and Vivid. Born Bangor 30/04/1892. ADM 188/649/1189

BLAIR, James
RN and RNAS. AM I. J41010. Enrolled 03/06/1915 for hostilities. In Pembroke, Sir John Moore and Daedalus. To RAF 30/03/1918. Born Donaghadee 27/02/1899. ADM 188/729/41010

BLAIR, James
RNAS. Chief Petty Officer. F13241. Enrolled 25/04/1916 for hostilities. President II – Yarmouth, Scilly Isles and Bresco, Daedalus – Scilly isles and Eastchurch. Transferred to RAF 31/03/1918. Born Clough, Co.Antrim 01/04/1885. ADM 188/586/13241

BLAIR, John George
RN. AB. J28928. Boy service from 31/06/1913. Enrolled 07/05/1915 for 12 years. Invalided 05/03/1923. War service in Endymion, Vivid I, Caribbean, Victorian and Anemone. Weaver. Born Portadown 07/05/1897. Park Rd., Portadown. ADM 188/704/28928

BLAIR, Joseph
RN. Stoker First Class. K31928. Enrolled 29/03/1916 for hostilities. In Pembroke II, Dido, Titania, and Crescent. Invalided 19/09/1917. Born Larne 21/08/1897. ADM 188/930/31928

BLAIR, Samuel
RN. Stoker First Class. K43197. Enrolled 12/06/1917 for hostilities. In Pembroke and Lucia. Demobbed 22/02/1919. Born Ballyclare 01/01/1899. ADM 188/953/43197

BLAIR, Samuel
RN. Stoker. Little-Ballymena. Ballylinney – PCI RH

BLAIR, Thomas James
RN. Chief Stoker. 303156. Enrolled 03/02/1903 for 12 years. Re-engaged 03/02/1915 and served to 11/02/1925. War service in Suffolk, Vivid II, and Woolwich. Born Dungannon 01/01/1885. ADM 188/493/303156

RN. AB. Edinburgh Street, Belfast. Fountainville – PCI RH

BLAKELY, David Thomas
RN. Stoker 1st Class. J22244 and K58777. Boy service from 06/01/1913. Enrolled 09/10/1913 for 12 years. War service in Vivid I, London, Foresight and Duke of Edinburgh. Served to 03/02/1920. Joined RFR 04/02/1920. Born Newtownards 09/10/1895. ADM 188/691/22244

RN. Seaman. J85218. Enrolled 21/02/1918 for hostilities. Pembroke I and Commonwealth. Demobbed 23/03/1919. Born Belfast 04/06/1899. ADM/188/817/85218

RN. Stoker 1st Class. 213143. HMS Monmouth. Died 01/11/1914. Age 33. Battle of Coronel. Boy service from 10/01/1901. Enrolled 09/09/1902 for 12 years. War service in Vivid II, Talbot, Challenger, Commonwealth and Monmouth (02/08/1914 – 01/11/1914). Born Belfast 09/09/1884. Son of Robert Bleakely, Ballynure St., Belfast. Plymouth Naval Memorial. IMR. ADM 188/373/213143

RNR. Born Newcastle, Co. Down 05/11/1900. Died 01/12/1988, Joyce Green Hospital, Dartford, Kent. St John’s Parish Church Newcastle RH

+BLOCKLEY, John Alfred
RN. Petty Officer 1st Cl. 132052. HMS Viknor. Died 13/01/1915. Aged 45 years. Born Hinckley, Leicstershire 14/02/1870. Bangor Cemetery

RN. Stoker I. 304952. Enrolled 18/09/1903 for 12 years. War service in Andromache, Pembroke II, Dido, Vivid II, Repulse. Demobbed 24/02/1919. Joined RFR 25/02/1919. Born Belfast 29/07/1885. ADM 188/496/304952

BLOOR, Arthur Frederick
RN. AB. 221098. HMS Conqueror, Jutland. Enrolled 16/06/1903 for 12 years. War service in Conqueror, Vivid and Defiance. Demobbed 09/06/1921. Born Belfast 16/06/1885. ADM 188/389/221098

BLUE, John Sergison
RN. Chief Ship’s Cook. L6550. Served 13/04/1915 – 24/02/1919. War service in Pembroke I, President II, Falmouth and Antrim. Born Belfast 04/07/1880. ADM 188/1001/6550

BOAG, Robert
RN. AB. J50778. Enrolled 04/03/1916 for hostilities. In Vivid I, Lion, Woolwich and Greenwich. Demobbed 03/03/1919. Born Ballymena 30/11/1889. ADM 188/748/50778

BOAL, Edmond
RN. Stoker First Class. K45554. Enrolled 04/09/1917 for hostilities. Served in Victory II and Mars. Demobbed 11/03/1919. Born Dromore, Co. Down, 28/01/1893. ADM 188/958/45554

+BOAL, James
RN. Petty Officer Stoker. 287397. HMS Valerian. Died 17/05/1919. Aged 41. Born Belfast. Husband to E. Boal, Warwick Row, Carrickfergus. Gillingham (Woodlands) Cemetery, Kent. Memorial plaque St Nicholas’ Parish Church, Carrickfergus.

+BOAL, John
RN. AB. 216495. HMS Defence. Jutland. Died 31/05/1916. Born Belfast 15/09/1885. Boy service from 02/08/1901. Enrolled 15/09/1913 for 12 years. In Defence 02/09/1913 – 31/05/1916. Born Belfast 02/08/1901. Pre-service worked as a rivet boy. Nephew of Robert and Annie McGrath, Donegore St., Belfast. Belfast Telegraph in memoriam 31/05/1917. Plymouth Naval Memorial, Panel 11. IMR. ADM 188/379/216495

BOAL, Jackson Grahame
RN. Surgeon, Royal Navy, 1912.  Surgeon Captain, 1935.  Served in 1st and 2nd World Wars. “Surgeon J. G. Boal RN, of Ballymena, has recently been transferred from HMS Termeraire to the new swift destroyer, HMS Lightfoot. This is one of the very latest boats. Surgeon Boal was home this week on a few days’ visit to his friends in Ballymena.” – Ballymena Observer 9/10/1914. In 1915 was serving on HMS Lightfoot. Born 03/05/1886. Son of Hugh Boal, Slatt, Audley Terr., Ballymena. MO Eastbourne College. Campbell College 542. West Church, Ballymena – PCI RH

BOAL, Thomas
RN. Stoker First Class. SS115236. Enrolled 01/12/1913. Demobbed 17/03/1919. Joined RFR 18/03/1919. Served in Agamemnon, Idaho and Kingfisher. Born Belfast 15/09/1894. ADM 188/1121/115236

BOAL, Thomas
RN. Leading Stoker. Wounded. Stoker. Cosgrave Street, Belfast. Newington – PCI RH

BODDIE, Donald George
RN. Surgeon. Lodge Rd, Coleraine

RN. Lieutenant Commander. Enrolled 09/08/1906. Appointed Engineer Lieutenant 01/05/1908. Born 11/08/1886. Lodge Rd., Coleraine. ADM196/131

Gunner HMS Westmoreland. Prospect St., Carrickfergus. First Carrickfergus PCI-RH

RN. Petty Officer. M18620. Enrolled 21/01/1916. Vivid II, Grive and Glorious. Demobbed 24/02/1919. Born Belfast 16/07/1897. ADM 188/1055/18620

BOGAN, Edward Richard
RN. AB. SS2217. Enrolled 29/01/1908 for 5 and 7 years. Served to 25/01/1913. Joined RFR 26/01/1913. Served from 14/02/1913 – 12/03/1920. War service in Swiftsure, Pembroke I and Alecto. Born Belfast 01/01/1890. ADM 188/1096/2217

BOLTON, Charles Herbert
RN. Leading Seaman. J35233. Boy service from 05/03/1915. Enrolled 21/08/1917 for 12 years. War service in Impregnable, Endymion, Vivid I and Apollo (Morning Star). Served to 13/12/1928. Born Belfast 21/08/1899. ADM 188/717/35233

BOND, Robert
RN. AB. Donegall Road, Belfast. Great Victoria Street – PCI RH

BOND, Robert
Donegall Road, Belfast. Rosemary St – PCI RH

BOND, William
RNR. ERA. Arthur Square, Masonic Lodge, Belfast

RN. AB. Israel Street, Belfast. Clifton Street – PCI RH

BOURHILL, Alexander
RNR. Captain. Warrenpoint. St.John’s Masonic Lodge 697

RN. Post Office Street. Warrenpoint – PCI RH

RN. Petty Officer. St John’s Parish Church Newcastle RH

RN. AB. 229941. Boy service from 03/02/1904. Enrolled 30/01/1906 for 12 years. War service in Conqueror, Vivid I, Liverpool, Defiance and Cassandra. Demobbed 27/02/1919. Born Randalstown 30/01/1888. ADM 188/406/229941

BOWDEN, Victor William
RN. Lt.-Commander. Staff Officer (Reserves) to the Resident Naval Officer, Queensland. Enrolled RN 15/09/1916. Born 08/08/1898, son of W. J. Bowden, Redhill, Knock, Belfast. Campbell College 1121. ADM196/147

BOWDEN, Victor W
RN. Midshipman. Seniority from 15/03/1917, Navy List 1919. MCB 1912-1916. Methodist College Belfast RH

BOWES, William
RN. Stoker First Class. K46041. Enrolled 17/09/1917 for hostilities. Demobbed 31/09/1919. Served in Pembroke, Acteon and Vulcan. Born Belfast 01/08/1898. ADM 188/959/46041

BOWES, William
Stoker. Clanmorris Street, Belfast. Rosemary St – PCI RH

BOWES, William
RN. Seaman. K46041. Enrolled 17/09/1917 for hostilities. Demobbed 01/08/1919. Served in Pembroke II, Acteon and Vulcan. Born Belfast 01/08/1898. Clanmorris Street, Belfast. Sinclair Seaman’s – PCI RH. ADM 188/959/46041

BOWLES, William
RN. Stoker I. K31919. HMS Cochrane Jutland. Formerly RNVR Clyde J5955. Enrolled 01/02/1916 for hostilities. In Cochrane 01/02/1915 – 18/11/1918 and Victory II. Demobbed 16/02/1919. Born Enniskillen, 01/05/1893. ADM 188/930/31919

BOWLES, William
RN. Seaman. 83901. Enrolled 26/01/1918 for hostilities. In Vivid and Rambles. Invalided 16/04/1919. Born Antrim 22/09/1900. ADM 188/814/83901

Bangor. RN. Bangor Masonic RH

BOWMONT, William Henry
RN. Stoker I. 301176. Enrolled 05/08/1903 for 12 years. War service in Acteon (Electra),Vivid II, Hecla and Blenheim. Served to 23/08/1924. Born Belfast 29/12/1880. ADM 188/489/301176

BOYCE, Nathaniel
RN. AB. J46895. Enrolled 20/11/1915 for hostilities. Served in Pembroke, Lowestoft and Diligence. Demobbed 26/03/1919. Born Coleraine 16/05/1895. Coleraine, New Row – PCI RH. ADM 188/740/46895

+BOYD, David
RN. AB. 229233. HMS Good Hope. Battle of Coronel. Died 01/11/1914. Age 28. Enrolled 25/12/1904 for 12 years. War service in Victory and Good Hope (31/07/1914 – 01/11/1914). Born Dromore, County Down 25/12/1886. Tailor before enlisting. Son of David and Mary Boyd, Jerusalem St., Belfast. Plymouth Naval Memorial. IMR. ADM 188/405/229233

RN. Leading Stoker. Ballyhalbert. Glastry. Presbyterian Church RH

BOYD, David Hugh
RN. Leading Stoker. K6700. Enrolled 11/05/1910 for 12 years. Served to 15/05/1922. War service in Vivid II, Active, Snowdrop and Colleen. Born Portrush 12/11/1889. ADM 188/880/6700

BOYD, David John
RN. Petty Officer. 303939. Enrolled 07/05/1903 for 12 years. Demobbed 20/08/1910. Joined RFR 21/08/1910. War service in Doris, Vivid and Wallington. Born Belfast 24/02/1885. Belfast. ADM 188/494/303939

BOYD, Edwin James Alexander
RN. Seaman. J92230. Enrolled 22/08/1918 for hostilities. Vivid I. Demobbed 16/10/1918. Born Belfast 03/10/1899. ADM 188/831/92230

BOYD, Frank
RND. Acting Leading Seaman. 300068, RFR/B/5714. Nelson Battalion, RND Expeditionary Force and Devonport (09/09/1916). Previous service as Stoker. 300068. Enrolled 18/03/1902 for 12 years. Served to 17/03/1914. Joined RFR 18/03/1914. Served to 17/05/1918. War service in Vivid, Victory and Albion. Born Belfast 28/11/1883. Upper Charleville Street, Belfast. Shankill Road Mission – PCI RH. ADM 188/487/300068 and ADM339

+BOYD, George
RN. Stoker 1st Class. SS/107749. HMS Pembroke. Died 03/09/1917. Born Belfast 01/05/1890. Cultra Street, Belfast. Newington – PCI RH. Gillingham (Woodlands) Cemetery, Kent. ADM 188/1113/107749

+BOYD, Henry
RMLI. Lance Corporal. 14258. Plymouth Division. SS Lady Cory Wright. Died 26/03/1918. Vessel sunk by UC-17 shortly after sailing from Devonport. The Captain and 38 to 41 men were lost. Enlisted 21/11/1907. War service in Roxburgh, Endymion and President. Demobilised and joined RFR 31/01/1917. Transferred from SS Canopy Gun Crew to SS Lady Cory Wright Gun Crew 08/02/1917. Born Belfast 11/05/1890. Son of Mrs Agnes Boyd, Ebenezer Villa. Whitehead – PCI RH. Plymouth Naval Memorial, Panel 28. ADM 159/155/14258

BOYD, Henry
RM. Private. 11408. Plymouth Division. Enrolled 17/03/1913. War service in Skirmisher and Swiftsure. Served to 28/11/1925. Born Claudy 06/11/1895. Son of Henry Boyd, Chapel Road, Londonderry. Ebrington – PCI RH. ADM 159/158/16109

BOYD, Henry Stanley
RNAS. Petty Officer Mechanic. F9562. Armoured Car Division. Enrolled 15/11/1915 for hostilities. Invalided 12/06/1918. Served in President, and Russia (16/11/1915 – 31/03/1918). Glenwood, Lisburn. Lisnagarvey Hockey Club. Lisburn Standard 08/12/1916. Born Lisburn 15/06/1890. ADM 188/579/9562

BOYD, James
Petty Officer. HMS Rugby. Wounded. Whitehouse. Whitehouse – PCI RH

BOYD, James
RM. Private. 213154. HMS Black Prince. Boy service from 18/01/1901. Enlisted 05/10/1903 for 12 years. Born Belfast 05/10/1885. Bromley St., Belfast. ADM 188/373/213154

BOYD, James
RMLI. Private. 16005. Enlisted 10/01/1913. Plymouth Division, in Hannibal, and Victory (RM Brigade). Served to 12/10/1916. Born Belfast 11/12/1895. Bromley St., Belfast. ADM 159/158/16005

BOYD, James Frederick Wilson
RN. Leading Seaman. 239315. Enrolled 06/08/1908 for 12 years. Served to 19/11/1919. War service in Hecla, Vivid I, Argyll, Woolwich, Dido and Apollo. Born Ballyhamage, Co. Antrim 06/08/1890. ADM 188/425/239315

BOYD, James Marshall
RN. AB. 233585. Enrolled 03/02/1907 for 12 years. War service in Vivid I, Majestic and Agincourt. Demobbed 03/04/1919. Born Banbridge 03/02/1889. ADM 188/414/233585

BOYD, John
Stoker First Class. 305774. HMS Ajax, Jutland. Enrolled 30/12/1903 for 12 years. War service in Ajax (10/09/1914 – 25/07/1916) and New Zealand. Demobbed 09/03/1919. Born Belfast 31/03/1883. ADM 188/498/305774

BOYD, John
Seaman. HMS Charon. Meadow Street, Belfast. Sinclair Seaman’s – PCI RH

BOYD, John Blain
J36364. Enlisted 30/03/1915 for hostilities. Served in Pembroke I, Indomitable and Astrala. Demobbed 29/08/1919. Born Belfast 25/02/1897. ADM 188/719/36364

BOYD, John McAlister
RN. J88011. Leading Seaman. Enlisted Boy 26/04/1918 at 15 years of age. Served in Impregnable. Born 12/07/1903 Kibeen, Co. Londonderry. Eldest Son of Alfred E and Margaret Boyd. Aghadowey – PCI RH. ADM 188/823/88011

BOYD, Joseph
RN. Seaman. 237264. Boy service from 07/08/1906. Enrolled 06/08/1908 for 12 years. War service in Vivid I, Lion, Thunderer and Orion. Served to 24/09/1919. Born Belfast 06/08/1890. ADM 188/421/237264

BOYD, Robert
RNR. Called up August 1914. In HMS Carmania in her successful action with the German armed merchant cruiser off Cap Trafalgar on 14/09/1914. Born 02/07/1903, Islandmagee. Father of Captain Robert Boyd, RN. WW2. Second Islandmagee – PCI RH

BOYD, Robert
RN. Sub. Lieutenant. Redhill Masonic Lodge 260, Ballycarry

BOYD, Robert
RNR. AB. Co. Antrim

BOYD, Robert
RNR. AB. Masonic. Co. Antrim

BOYD, Robert J
RN. Stoker. Bread Street East. Bloomfield – PCI RH

BOYD, Samuel
RN. Stoker Second Class. K26923. Enrolled 03/06/1915 for hostilities. Invalided 05/06/1916. Served in Pembroke, General Crawford and Hibernia. Born Belfast 29/08/1893. ADM 188/920/26923

BOYD, Samuel
RN. Stoker First Class. SS116835. Served 17/02/1915 – 17/02/1920. War service in Pembroke II, Penelope, Cornwallis, Europa and Forward. Born Belfast 25/04/1896. ADM 188/1122/116835

BOYD, Samuel
Stoker. HMS Ophir. Barbour Street. Whitehouse – PCI RH

BOYD, Samuel
RN. Petty Officer Stoker. Portavo. Donaghadee. Presbyterian Church RH. Groomsport Masonic Lodge 337. Masonic RH.

BOYD, Samuel John
RN. Petty Officer Stoker. 296846. Enrolled 06/03/1907 for 12 years. Re-engaged 06/03/1913. Served to 07/02/1919. War service in Vivid, Blake, Dido, Peony and Europa. Born Bangor 13/02/1879. ADM 188/480/296846

BOYD, Thomas Farmer
RN. Torpedo Gunner. J22917. Enlisted 31/08/1913 for 12 years. Served to 30/08/1925. Joined RFR 31/08/1925. War service in Vivid I, Duke of Edinburgh and Defiance. Born Donaghadee 31/08/1895. Portavo, Donaghadee. Groomsport Masonic Lodge 337 RH. Donaghadee – PCI RH. ADM 188/692/22917

BOYD, William
RN. Stoker I. K28659. Enrolled 03/11/1915 for hostilities. Served in Pembroke and Actrea. Invalided 01/10/1917. Born Kilkeel 11/07/1880. ADM 188/924/28659

BOYD, William
RN. AB. 215908. Boy service from 10/07/1901. Enrolled 03/07/1902 for 12 years. Served to 04/07/1914. Joined RFR 05/07/1914. War service in Jupiter. Born Dunnamanagh, Co. Tyrone 03/07/1884. ADM 188/378/215908

BOYD, William
ERA. Templemore Avenue, Belfast. Sinclair Seaman’s – PCI RH

BOYD, William Hugh
RN. Seaman. Wounded. Gainsboro’ Drive – Belfast United Free Church

BOYD, William Hugh
RN. Seaman. Co. Antrim

BOYD, William John
RN. Petty Officer Stoker. K19064. HMS Cochrane, Jutland. Enrolled 24/03/1909 for 12 years. Served to 23/05/1928. In Cochrane 15/05/1913 – 21/08/1918. Born Belfast 09/11/1890. ADM 188/905/19064

BOYCE, Nathaniel
RN. AB. J46895. Enlisted 20/11/1915 for hostilities. Demobbed 26/03/1919. Served in Pembroke I. Lowestoft and Diligence. Born Gateside, Coleraine 16/05/1895. ADM 188/740/46895

BOYLE, James Oliver
RN. Cooper. 343896. Enrolled 28/09/1900. Served to 27/09/1922. War service in President, Pembroke, and Prince Rupert. Born Ballycultra, Co. Down, 06/02/1882. ADM 188/520/343896

BOYLES, Thomas Smyth
RN. Stoker. K30123. Enrolled 17/12/1915 for hostilities. Demobbed 14/04/1919. Served in Pembroke and Geranium. Born Belfast 20/09/1893. Glenfarne Street, Belfast. Agnes Street – Presbyterian Church RH. ADM 188/927/30123

BRACEGIRDLE, Charles Stewart
RN. Leading Seaman. J11176. Enrolled 20/04/1912 for 12 years. Invalided 12/05/1920. War service in Pembroke, Endeavour, Russell, Dido, Seagull and Lord Nelson. Born 20/04/1894 Castlederg, Co. Tyrone. Roseberry St., Belfast. ADM 188/669/11176

BRADBURY, Harry Ellis
RNAS. AM I. F25356. Enrolled 16/01/1917 for hostilities. President II – Crystal Palace, Chingford and Eastbourne. To RAF 31/03/1918. Born Moss Side, Co. Antrim 09/06/1887. ADM 188/610/25256

RND. RN. Staff Surgeon. CBE, DSO. Medical Unit, Crystal Palace 19/12/1914. Hawke Battalion, Crystal Palace 02/01/1915. Blandford 20/02/1915. Hawke Battalion MEF 10/05/1915. ADM339

Press report: Lisburn Surgeon wins DSO. “Surgeon (acting Staff Surgeon) William Bradbury, MB., RN., in recognition of his services with the Royal Naval Division in Gallipoli and France. As medical officer of the Hawke Battalion, Royal Naval Division, in Gallipoli, he did exceptionally good work, often under the most taxing circumstances.

“Surgeon Bradbury is the younger son of Mr. Samuel Bradbury, Pear Tree Hill, Lisburn. He is an old Queen’s man, and after taking his degree in 1908 entered the Naval Medical Service. He went to China in 1912, and for his services during the rebellion of 1913 was decorated by the Chinese government. Early in the present war he served on a mine-sweeper, and subsequently with the Royal Naval Division at the Dardanelles (where he was wounded in June, 1915) and in France.” – Lisburn Standard 28/06/1918.

RN. Petty Officer. Newcastle – PCI RH

BRADLEY, Edward O’Brien
RN. AB. J44269. Enrolled 17/09/1915 for hostilities. In Pembroke and Talisman. Demobbed 04/04/1918. Born Coleraine 29/01/1889. ADM 188/735/44269

+BRADLEY, Frederick Ekin
RNR. Leading Stoker. 302220. HM Submarine D5. Died 03/12/1914. Aged 29. Enrolled 04/12/1902 for 12 years. He served during the Boer War and in HMS Hyacinth in the Somali Expedition. HMS D5 was a British D class submarine built by Vickers, Barrow. D5 was laid down on 23/2/1910, launched 28/8/1911 and was commissioned 19/2/1911. Submarine HMS D5 was sunk by a British mine two miles south of South Cross Buoy off Great Yarmouth in the North Sea. 20 officers and men were lost. There were only 5 survivors including her Commanding Officer Lt. Cdr. Godfrey Herbert. Born Donegal 09/11/1884. Son of William and Jane Bradley. The 1911 census shows Frederick’s father had retired and was receiving a Royal Irish Regiment pension. The family was then living in Charlemont near the Moy, Tyrone. Frederick was husband to Lillian J. Bradley, Stonehouse, Plymouth. Plymouth Naval Memorial Panel 3. Moy WM. ADM 188/491/302220

RN. Stoker I. K48023. Enrolled 13/06/1913 for 5 and 7 years. Re-engaged 25/05/1917 for 12 years. War service in Dolphin, Titania and Bradstone. Invalided 22/10/1924. Born Belfast 12/09/1894. ADM 188/963/48023

RN. Stoker I. SS114262. Served from 13/06/1913. War service in St. George, Collingwood, Marlborough, Tyne, Victory II, Pembroke II and Dolphin. Promoted Stoker I 25/05/1917, see K48023. Born Belfast 12/09/1894. ADM 188/1120/114262

BRADSHAW, Alan Rousseau
RN Assistant Paymaster. Served also in Second World War at Bletchley Park.

BRADSHAW, George Fagan
RN. Lt. Commander. DSC. Marine artist. Enrolled 15/01/1903. Born Belfast 06/12/1887. Husband to Katherine Marion Slattery, Salisbury, Rhodesia. Died 27/10/1960, St Ives, Cornwall. ADM196/51

+BRADY, James
RNR. Stoker I. SS103627. HMS Nesmar. Died 15/07/1915. Enrolled 21/08/1908 for 5 and 7 years. Born Belfast 03/08/1888. McDonnell St. Belfast. ADM 188/1109/103627

+BRADY, John Joseph
RNR. Trimmer. 7759/TS. HMS Nesmar. Died 15/07/1918. Age 25. Son of William and Catherine Brady, of Belfast. Husband of Mary Brady, McDonnell St., Belfast. Milltown Cemetery, Belfast.

BRADY, John Joseph
Masonic Order

BRADY, William James
RN. AB. J46973. Enrolled 24/11/1915 for hostilities. Demobbed 09/03/1919. Served in Pembroke. Actaeon and Woolwich. Born Ballymena 14/10/1896. ADM 188/740/46973

RN. Stoker I. SS101284. Enrolled 22/07/1904 for 5 and 7 years. Served 26/08/1909. Joined RFR 24/10/1909. War service from 22/10/1914, in Vivid II, Theseus, Leander, Tara, Terrine, Thetis and Vigorous. Demobbed 01/03/1919. Born Belfast 26/03/1883. ADM 188/1107/101284

BREATHWAITE, William Lewis
RN. Leading Signalman. 215673. Boy service from 25/06/1901. Enrolled 08/02/1903 for 12 years. War service in Indus…Lisburn. Railway Street – PCI RH. ADM 188/378?215673

RNR. Engineer. Arthur Square, Masonic Lodge, Belfast

RNR. Petty Officer Regulating M7886. Enrolled 26/07/1912. Died in service 15/08/1923. War service in Vivid I, Adventure and Dublin. Born Lisburn 12/08/1884. Crumlin Masonic Lodge RH. ADM 188/1033/7886

RND. Stoker. SS100660. Nelson Battalion. War service from 02/08/1914. RND Expeditionary Force to Dardanelles. Wounded 13/07/1915. In Vivid, Victory, Indus and Diligence. Demob 18/02/1919. Previously served 09/05/1905 – 24/04/1909. Joined RFR 25/04/1909. Born Belfast 11/06/1884. Husband to Sarah A. Branagh, Abbey St., West, Belfast. ADM 188/1106/100660 and ADM339

RN. Senior Petty Officer. 305802. Enrolled 09/01/1904 for 12 years. Re-engaged 09/01/1916. Served to 04/02/1926. In HMS New Zealand 19/11/1912 – 10/02/1919. Born Omagh 22/04/1885. ADM 188/498/305802

BREATHWAITE, William Lewis
RN. Leading Signaller. 215673. Boy service from 25/06/01. Enrolled 08/02/1903 for 12 years. War service in Indus, Blake, Vivid I, Severn and Centaur. Demobbed 18/03/1919. Joined RFR 19/03/1919. Born Lisburn 08/02/1885. ADM 188/378/215673

BREEN, James
RN. Officers’ Steward. 363386. Served 09/03/1905 – 15/02/1919. War service in Conqueror, Vivid I, MFA Folkestone and Greenwich. Born Belfast 24/01/1887. ADM 188/553/363386

RN. Petty Officer. Violet St., Belfast

BREEN, Thomas
RN. Portadown

BRENNAN, Herbert Wright
RN. Midshipman. 3156. Loughgall, Portadown

RND. RFR. Stoker First Class. SS106953. Hood Battalion 17/09/1914. Pembroke II 27/01/1915. Born Carrickfergus 10/041890. Son of Egana Brennan, Patterson Row, Woodbury, Carrickfergus. ADM 188/1112/106953

BRENNAN, Patrick
RNAS. Petty Officer Mechanic. F9661. Armoured Car Division. Enrolled 16/11/1915 for hostilities. Served in President II, Pembroke and Dover, 16/11/1915 – 28/04/1917. Born Belfast 21/10/1889. ADM 188/579/9661

BRENNAN, Patrick
RM. Labour Corps. Private. Belfast Corporation RH

BRERETON, Thomas Caldwell
RN. Stoker First Class. SS112092. Served 20/04/1912 – Invalided 17/02/1917. War service in Eclipse, Yarmouth and Pembroke. Born Belfast 18/05/1891. Mountpottinger – PCI RH. Belfast. ADM 188/1118/112092

BRETT, George H
MCB 1887 – 89

+BREWER, Albert
RN. Stoker 1st Class. K15525. HMS Penshurst. Died 24/12/1917. Age 23. Killed in action with submarine off Bristol Channel. Enrolled 19/07/1912 for 12 years. War service in Pembroke II, Cyclops, Sabrina and Penshurst. Born Belfast 13/02/1894. Son of Charles and Mary Brewer, of Belfast. Chatham Naval Memorial, Panel 23. ADM 188/898/15525

BREWER, Herbert Wright
RNR. Midshipman 3156. Born Loughgall, Armagh, 07/08/1896

BRICE, George Phillip
RN. Leading Stoker. K15570. Enrolled 26/07/1912 for 12 years. War service in Pembroke I and II, Cornwallis, Duncan, President and Kent. Served to 30/07/1921. Born Annalong 07/04/1893. ADM 188/898/15570

BRIEN, Joseph
RNR. Stoker. Marine Street, Belfast. Sinclair Seaman’s – PCI RH

BRIGGS, William
RN. Petty Officer. 219306. HMS Active, Jutland. Enrolled 28/05/1904 for 12 years. Discharged 27/02/1902. Joined RFR 28/02/1909. War service in Vivid and Majestic. In Active 06/04/1916 – demob 03/02/1919. Born Lisburn 23/05/1886 . ADM 188/385/219306

BRIGGS, William John
RN. Petty Officer. 209835. HMS Bellerophon, Jutland. Enrolled 02/12/1902 for 12 years. In Defiance 01/04/1913 – 27/02/1917. Electrician pre-war. Born Belfast 21/11/1884. ADM 188/366/209835

+BRISCOE, John David Mervyn
RN. Lieutenant. HMS Heron. Died 15/09/1941. Age 23. Husband to Eve Briscoe. Son of Edward Whitby Briscoe and Helen Halliday Briscoe, Newcastle, Co. Down. Buried East Chinook (St Mary’s) Graveyard. St John’s Parish Church, Newcastle WM

+BROAD, James
RN. Sick berth steward. 351213 (Ch). HMS Formidable. Died 01/01/1915. Age 28. Killed in action with submarine in English Channel. Son of James and Lucy Broad, of Wantage, Berks. Husband to Priscilla F. Hughes (formerly Broad), Stranmillis Gardens, Belfast

RNVR. Lieutenant. Masonic Lodge 31, Arthur Square, Belfast

+BROOK, Patrick Harry
RN. Sub – Lieutenant. HMS Courageous. Died 24/05/1917. Aged 22. Springbank Cemetery, Aberdeen. Enniskillen WM. IMR

RN. Stoker 1st Cl. SS/104209. HMS Good Hope. Died 01/11/1914 in action off the Chilean coast. Served 07/12/1906 – 03/11/1911. Joined RFR 04/11/1911. War service in Victory and Good Hope (31/07/1914 – 01/11/1914). Born Edinburgh 24/09/1888. Luke St., Belfast. Portsmouth Naval Memorial, Panel 4

BROWN, Alfred Ravening
RNAS. Petty Officer Mechanic. F9663. Russian Armoured Car Division. Enrolled 16/11/1915 for hostilities. President II. Invalided 29/03/1916. Born Belfast 25/02/1890. ADM 188/579/9663

BROWN, Arthur
RNAS. LM. F8069. Enrolled 31/08/1915 for hostilities. Passed for Petty Officer 01/02/1918. Served in President, Dover and Rosyth. Born Lisburn 25/07/1886. ADM 188/576/8069

BROWN, Charles
RMLI. Private 464(S). Chatham Division. Enrolled 27/10/1914. Served in Victory (RM Brigade) and Cyclops II. Demobbed 03/04/1919. Born Belfast 25/11/1890. Son of Mary Brown, Regent St., Belfast. ADM 159/143/464

BROWN, David
RN. AB. J1861. HMS New Zealand, Jutland. Enrolled 15/10/1909 for 12 years. Served to 09/05/1919. War service in New Zealand (09/12/1913 – 24/10/1916), Vivid, Conquest and London. Born Belfast 15 Oct 1891. ADM 188/650/1861

BROWN, David John
RN. Leading Signaller. 217195. Enrolled 07/02/1914 for 12 years. Re-engaged 07/02/1916. War service in Vivid, Diana and Duke of Edinburgh. Passed for Yeoman of Signals. Served until 07/04/1920. Born Belfast 07/02/1866. ADM 188/381/217195

BROWN, Edward Collett
RN. AB. J35070. Boy service from 19/02/1915. Enrolled 02/10/1916. War service in Impregnable, Africa, Vivid I, Wallington, Actaeon and Attentive II. Demobbed 01/10/1923. Joined RFR 02/10/1923. Born Belfast 02/10/1898. ADM 188/717/35070

BROWN, Frederick John
RN. Leading Seaman. Belfast Terr., Bangor. First Bangor PCI – RH

BROWN, George
RN. Leading Seaman. J25498. HMS Marlborough, Jutland. Enrolled 04/05/1916. Served to 30/12/1927. War service in Endymion, Vivid I and Marlborough (16/06/1914 – 08/06/1918). Born Belfast 04/04/1898. ADM 188/697/25498

BROWN, George B
RNVR. Sub. Lieutenant. Acadia Masonic Lodge 7, Belfast. RUYC RH

BROWN, George Herbert
RN. Stoker First Class. K26271. HMS Yarmouth, Jutland. Enrolled 27/05/1915 for hostilities. Demobbed 10/03/1919. War service in Pembroke, Yarmouth (10/08/1915 – 06/04/1918) and Dolphin. Born Belfast 16/07/1894. ADM 188/919/26271

BROWN, Henry
AB. HMS Vindictive. Burke Street, Belfast. St Enoch’s – PCI RH.

BROWN, Henry
RN. Stoker First Class. 311677. Enrolled 01/05/1907 for 12 years. Served to 04/06/1919. War service in Pembroke, Cornwallis, Duncan, Abercrombie and Venerable. Born Belfast 01/05/1889. ADM 188/510/311677

BROWN, Henry B
RN. ERA. Ballymaccarrett Masonic Lodge, Belfast

BROWN, Herbert
RNVR. Lieutenant. Acadia Masonic Lodge 7, Belfast. RUYC RH

RN. AB. Ilchester Street, Belfast. Macrory Memorial – PCI RH

RN. AB. Corporation Street, Belfast. Rosemary St – PCI RH

RN. AB. HMS Highflyer. Castlereagh Place, Belfast. McQuiston Memorial – PCI RH

BROWN, James
RN. Stoker First Class. 291790. Enrolled 06/03/1899 for 12 years. Served to 07/04/1911. Joined RFR 08/04/1911. War service 05/08/1914 – 10/10/1919, in Endymion, Vivid II, Hildebrand, Europa and Theseus. Born Magheramorne 22/02/1876. Magheramorne – PCI RH. ADM 188/470/291790

BROWN, James
RND. Seaman. Z/14685. Enlisted 26/10/1914. Born 25/04/1885. Hope St., Londonderry. Brother of Agnes O’Hagan, Banbridge. ADM339

BROWN, James

BROWN, James Boyle
RN. Petty Officer. J4940. Enrolled 27/03/1910 for 12 years. Served to 23/10/1928. War service in Forth, Egmont, Blenheim, Adamant, Dolphin, Defiance and Highflyer. Born Belfast 27/03/1892. ADM 188/656/4940

+BROWN, John
RNR. Engineer Lieutenant. MFA Whitehead. Died 15/10/1917. Aged 41. Son of John and Jane Brown, Woodstock Rd., Belfast; husband to Rosina Brown, Perkin St., Newcastle, New South Wales. Portsmouth Naval Memorial, Panel 27. IMR

RN. AB. 238792. HMS Conqueror, Jutland. Boy service from 02/05/1907. Enrolled 24/07/1905 for 12 years. Served to 25/08/1920. War service in Leander, Vivid II and Conqueror (27/11/1914 – 31/03/1919). Born Belfast 24/07/1890. ADM 188/424/238792

Commander. HMS City of Oxford. Belfast

RNR. Lt.Commander. RNR. Crumlin Rd., Masonic Lodge, Belfast RH

RNR. Acting ERA IV. M18704. Enrolled 22/01/1916 for hostilities. War service in Pembroke II, Vivid II, Wallington, Yarmouth and Sandhurst. Demobbed 08/11/1919. Born Ballymena 17/03/1894. ADM 188/1055/18704

West Church, Ballymena – PCI RH

RNR. Stoker. Glenarm – Presbyterian Church RH

AB. County Antrim

BROWN, Robert
RN. Stoker First Class. 311418. Enrolled 01/03/1907 for 12 years. War service in Pembroke II, Shannon, Commonwealth and Lord Nelson. Demobbed 18/07/1919. Born Carrickfergus 13/09/1888. ADM 188/509/311418

BROWN, Robert
RNR. Eng. Arthur Square, Masonic Lodge, Belfast

BROWN, Robert
RMLI. Private. 14550. Plymouth Division. Enrolled 11/06/1908. War service in Impregnable and Devonshire. Invalided 04/12/1919. Born Belfast 08/06/1891. Son of William and Isabella, Silvio Street, Belfast. Woodvale – PCI RH. ADM 159/155/14550

BROWN, Robert Henry
RN. Stoker First Class. K36672. Enrolled 19/09/1916 for hostilities. Demobbed 22/03/1919. Served in Pembroke and Shannon. Born Belfast 28/09/1897. ADM 188/940/36672

BROWN, Samuel
RNR. 1st Stoker. Howe Street, Belfast. Eglinton Street – PCI RH

BROWN, Samuel
RN. City Street, Belfast. Donegall Road – PCI RH

BROWN, Samuel
RN. Formerly RNVR. ERA IV. M28005. Served 22/10/1917 – 02/04/1919 in Victory II and Carlisle. Born Belfast 01/10/1894. ADM 188/1074/28005

BROWN, Thomas
RN. Seaman. Coleraine Chronicle 14/12/1918

+BROWN, William
RNR. Stoker. S444956. HMS Hampshire. Died 05/06/1916. Foster son of Elizabeth O’Neill, Whiteabbey. Portsmouth Naval Memorial, Panel 28. Kitchener Memorial, Orkney

BROWN, William
RN. Leading Seaman. 211762. Enrolled 15/05/1903 for 12 years. Re-engaged 15/05/1915. War service in Leander, Vivid and Fox. Served to 14/04/1920. Born Belfast 15/05/1885. ADM 188/370/211762

BROWN, William
RND. Seaman. Z/3356. Enlisted 04/10/1915. Born 17/09/1896. Son of Mrs Maria Brown, Vistula St., Belfast. ADM339

BROWN, William
RN. AB. Portstewart Presbyterian Church RH. PCI – RH

BROWN, William
RN. AB. Co. Londonderry

BROWN, William
RN. Surgeon. Holywood. High Street – PCI RH

BROWN, William
RN. Surgeon. Belfast

BROWN, William Ernest
RN. AB. SS44144. Served 15/10/1915 – 22/03/1919. Served in Pembroke, Russell, Victory and Courageous. Born Belfast 12/09/1893. ADM 188/1098/4144

BROWN, William Ernest
RN. North Queen Street, Belfast. Castleton – PCI RH

RN. Stoker 1st Cl. K17041 (Ch) HMS Aster. Died 04/07/1917. Vicarage St., Belfast. Ballymacarrett. St Patrick’s Parish Church WM. Chatham Naval Memorial, Panel 23

+BROWN, William James
RN. 227825. HMS Pegasus. Died 20/09/1914. Enrolled 02/05/1905 for 12 years. War service in Pegasus, Goliath, Hyacinth, Challenger and Vivid I. Born Londonderry22/05/1887. ADM 188/402/227825

+BROWN, William John
RN. Stoker First Class. K17041. HMS Aster. Died 04/07/1917. Enrolled 28/12/1912 for 12 years. War service in Actaeon, Pembroke II, Penelope and Aster (31/05/1915 – 04/07/1917). Born Belfast 04/10/1894. Chatham Naval Memorial, Panel 23. ADM 188/901/17041

BROWN, William John
RN. Stoker II. K54774. Enrolled 19/10/1918 for hostilities. Pembroke II. Invalided 18/12/1918. Born Belfast 31/10/1900. ADM 188/970/54774

BROWN, William John
RN. Leading Seaman. J13788. Enrolled 18/10/1913 for 12 years. Served to 17/10/1925. War service in Vivid I, Adventure and Arvonian. Born Londonderry 18/10/1895. ADM 188/674/13788

BROWN, William John +++ Check these two
RN. Sub – Lieutenant. Co. Londonderry

BROWN, William John
RN. Sub.-Lieut. Rosemount Avenue, Londonderry. First Derry – PCI RH

BROWN, William R
RN. AB. HMS Miranda. Burke Street, Belfast. St Enoch’s – PCI RH

+BROWN, William Thomas
RN. Able Seaman. J31938. HMS Glatton. Died 21/09/1918. Age 19. Died of accidental injuries. HMS Fearless, Jutland. Born Belfast 02/11/1898. Son of Thomas and Agnes Brown, Jonesborough St., Belfast. Dover (St. James’s) Cemetery, Kent. ADM 188/710/31938

BROWNE, Frederick William
RMLI. Private. 2488. Plymouth Division. Enlisted 10/09/1917. Discharged 10/03/1919. Enlisted RUR 01/02/1923. Draper’s assistant. Born 29/08/1899. Kensington Road, Belfast. Ormiston – PCI RH. ADM 159/179/2488

RNR. Captain. Ballymaccarrett Masonic Lodge, Belfast

BROWNE, William Aiken
RN. Surgeon probationer in the destroyer HMS Versatile in 1918. Graduated 1922 and ultimately became Senior Administrative Medical Officer, Northern Ireland Hospitals Authority. Campbell College

BROWNE, William Robert
RN. Stoker 308986. HMS Boadicea, Jutland. Enrolled 02/10/1905 for 12 years. War service in Pembroke, Boadicea (02/11/1913 – 29/09/1916) and Dido. Served until 18/02/1919. Born Belfast 02/03/1887. ADM 188/504/308986

BROWNE, William R
RN. Springmount Street, Belfast. Ekenhead – PCI RH

RNR. Lieutenant. Masonic Lodge 31, Arthur Square, Belfast

BROWNLEE, Lawson McKittrick
RNAS. Petty Officer. F9665. Armoured Car Squadron. Wounded. Order of St George (Russia) for bravery under fire at Galatz, Roumania, June 1917. Subsequently invalided 22/03/1918. Born 15/11/1895 to John Robert and Mary Jane Brownlee – his father was a Bread Server and his mother ran a greengrocer business. The family lived in Rathlin Street (1901), Shankill Road (1911) and Percy Street (1918). Agnes Street – PCI RH. ADM 188/579/9665

RN. Stoker I. 300085. Enrolled 25/03/1902 for 12 years. Served to 28/03/1914. Joined RFR 29/03/1914. War service in Vivid II and Blake. Served 02/08/1914 – 27/02/1919. Born Belfast 03/02/1883. ADM 188/487/300085

BROWS, David
RN. Stoker. Dufferin Avenue. Bangor Trinity PCI RH

+BRUCE, Adam
RNR. Second engineer. HMS Labour. Died of pneumonia at home.29/11/1918. Funeral with full naval honours took place from his home, Glasgow St., Belfast to Carnmoney Cemetery. Floral tributes from Amalgamated Society of Engineers, Castleton Temperance LOL 867, Clifton Temperance LOL 1936, Royal Black Chapter and Jennymount Methodist Church. Belfast Telegraph 03/12/1918. IMR

+BRUCE, Gervase Ronald
RN. Midshipman. HMS Monmouth. Coronel. Died 01/11/1914. Aged 15. Born 19/01/1899. Enrolled 02/08/1914. Son of Major Percy R. Bruce of Downhill and Grandson of Sir Harvey & Lady Bruce, Clifton Hall, Nottinghamshire, and of Lady Paget (died 1910), Eaton Square, London. WM in St John’s Parish Church, Castlerock where the family worshipped. Plymouth Naval Memorial. Christ Church Cathedral, Falklands WM. Memorial plaque in Coronel, Chile. ADM196/121

BRUCE, George
RN. Leading Seaman. 203923. Boy service from 09/03/1899. Enrolled 20/07/1901 for 12 years. Served to 22/09/1913. Joined RFR 13/09/1913. War service in Jupiter, Severn, Vigorous, Vivid I and II. Served 06/08/1914 – 07/03/1919. Born Belfast 23/09/1899. ADM 188/354/203923

+BRUCE, John
RN. Petty Officer Stoker. K13656 and SS104469. HMS Defence. Jutland. Died 31/05/1916. Enrolled 05/01/1907 for 12 years. Re-engaged 04/01/1912. War service in Indus, Conqueror and Defence. In Defence 28/02/1914 – 31/05/1916. Born Ballyduff 22/03/1888. Adopted son of William Johnston, Ballyduff, Carnmoney. Portsmouth Naval Memorial, Panel 14. ADM 188/894/13656

RN. Stoker 1st Cl. Cuthbert Street, Londonderry. Ebrington – PCI RH

BRUCE, Samuel
RN. AB. 1914 Med. Overseas, LSRN Medal. HMS Cordova. Whitehouse. Whitehouse – PCI RH

RN. Petty Officer. Crawfordsburn Masonic Lodge. Co. Londonderry link.

BRUSBY, Arthur
RN.WO. Ardglass Masonic Lodge

RNAS. Petty Officer Mechanic. F51146. Enrolled 12/02/1918 for hostilities. President II. Transferred to Machine Gun Corps 17/02/1918. Born Portrush 04/06/1897. ADM 188/643/51146

+BRYANS, George
RN. Stoker 1st Class. 226076. HMS Indefatigable. Jutland. Died 31/05/1916. Age 30. Enrolled 20/02/1904 for 12 years. Served in Indefatigable 24/02/1911 – 31/05/1916. Born Belfast 20/02/1886. Brother of Mary Bryans, Northumberland St., Belfast. Plymouth Naval Memorial. IMR. ADM 188/399/226076

BRYANS, Robert Charles
RN. AB. J4416. Enrolled 14/09/1915 for hostilities. Demobbed 26/02/1919. Served in Victory I, Britannia, Vernon, Dido, Attentive II, Hecla and Apollo. Born Belfast 14/07/1897. ADM 188/735/44169

RN Gunner. Russian award. The Cottages, Antrim

+BRYANS, William John
RN. Able Seaman. J18455. HMS Violet. Died 10/07/1918. Aged 22. Boy service from 20/07/1912. Enrolled 11/08/1914 for 12 years. War service in Carnarvon, Roxburgh, Vivid I, Defiance, Wellington, Actaeon, Attentive II, and Violet. Born Belfast 11/08/1896. Son of John and Sarah Bryans, Hardcastle St., Belfast. Dover (St. James’s) Cemetery. ADM 188/683/18455

BRYARS, David Livingstone
RNAS. Petty Officer Mechanic (E). F3045. Armoured Car Division. MiD. Enrolled 12/01/1915 for hostilities. Served to 17/04/1918. Served in Pembroke III, President I, Russia (01/10/1916 – 19/05/1917), and Dover. MiD, London Gazette, Issue 30227, 08/10/1917. Born Dungannon 11/10/1891. Belfast. ADM 188/566/3045

BRYCE, George
RNVR. Lieutenant. Mountcharles, Belfast. Masonic Order. RUYC RH. Rosemary St – PCI RH. ADM 89/158

BRYCE, William
RN. Stoker. First Class. 212257. HMS Bellerophon, Jutland. Enrolled 02/01/1903 for 12 years. War service in Bellerophon (01/02/1911 – 07/09/19160, Vivid II and Resolution. Served to 07/05/1919. Born Belfast 26/01/1885. ADM 188/371/212257

BRYSON, Samuel
M16691. HMS Colossus, Jutland. Enrolled 20/11/1915 for hostilities. Served in Vernon, Victory II, Colossus (12/12/1915 – 01/02/1918). Served to 10/12/1918. Born Larne 22/01/1894. ADM 188/1051/16691

BRYSON, William
RNR. Sub. Lieutenant. HMS Doris. Raby Street, Belfast. Cooke Centenary – PCI RH. ADM 92/164

BRYSON, William
RNR. AB. Fleet Street. First Larne – PCI RH

Carnmoney Parish Church RH

RN. Stoker. Coastguard Station. Helen’s Bay – PCI RH

RN. Stoker I. SS109246. Enrolled 28/09/1909 for 5 and 7 years. War service in Pembroke II, Actaeon and Tyne (TB25). Invalided 01/08/1917. Born Belfast 02/07/1889. ADM 188/1115/109246

BUCHANAN, Frederick
RN. Seaman. J67525. Enrolled 07/03/1917 for hostilities. War service in Vivid I, King Alfred and Gorgon. Demobbed 13/06/1919. Born Belfast 12/12/1892. ADM 188/782/67525

RN. Stoker I. K25151. Enrolled 05/03/1915 for hostilities. Pembroke II, Actaeon, Cormorant and Idaho. Invalided 17/10/1917. Born Belfast 29/10/1885. ADM 188/917/25151

RN. Engineer. Cheviot Avenue, Belfast. Megain Memorial – PCI RH

BULLER, Thomas
RM Labour Corps. Private. Deal/11542/S. Belfast

RM. Lance Corporal. J43379. Born Lurgan 10/07/1899. ADM 188/733/43379

BUNDAY, Alfred Henry
RN. Stoker I. K21749. Enrolled 14/01/1914 for 12 years. War service in Victory II, Liverpool, Venus, Egmont and Princess Royal. Free discharge 28/05/1921. Born Antrim 29/10/1894. ADM 188/910/21749

BUNTING, Edward John
RN. AB. SS4999. Enrolled 20/05/1914. Served in Vivid, Tiger, Cyclops, Sabrina, Penshurst, and Q7. Demobbed 11/12/1919. Joined RFR 12/12/1919. Born Lurgan 22/10/1895. ADM 188/1098/4999

RN. Telegraphist. J43379. Boy service from 19/08/1915. Enrolled 10/07/1917. Served to 16/04/1919. War service in Impregnable, Ganges, Pembroke, Attentive II and Victory. Born Lurgan 10/07/1899. ADM 188/733/43379. Re-enrolled 17/04/1919. Invalided 01/04/1920. SS120026. ADM 188/1126/120026

RN. AB. Donaghadee. Shore Street – PCI RH

RN. AB. 232661. Boy service from 31/10/1904. Enrolled 04/11/1905 for 12 years. War service in Berwick, Vivid, Laburnum, Colleen and Hecla. Demobbed 08/03/1919. Born Donaghadee 04/11/1887. ADM 188/412/232661

BUNTING, William
RN. Signaller. J23938. Boy service from 05/04/1913. Enrolled 31/01/1916 for 12 years. Served in Vivid, Conquerer and Wellington. Demobbed 18/02/1919. Born Lurgan 03/01/1898. ADM 188/694/23938

+BUNTING, William James
RN. RND. Stoker 1st Class. SS1077140. Hood Battalion. Died 06/05/1915 in Gallipoli. Aged 26. Enlisted 27/05/1908 serving to 24/05/1913. Enrolled in RFR 25/05/1913. Service resumed 02/08/1914. In Pembroke II and Victory IV (RND Hood). Hood Battalion A/211 and A/193 17/09/1914 – 06/05/1915. A cabinetmaker. Single. Born Lurgan 21/02/1887. Son of Mr. T. Bunting. Brother of Thomas Bunting, Sloan Street, Lisburn. 1914 Star issued to father 12/03/1925. Listed in the Hood Muster Roll for Antwerp, in Len Seller’s book “The Hood Battalion” as “‘A’ Company 1st Platoon.”. Lurgan WM. IMR. ADM 188/1113/107140

+BUNTING, William John
RNR. Signal Boy. 2086SB. HMS Vivid. Died of pneumonia 29/06/1918. Aged 17. Son of Joseph and Mary Ann Bunting, Seaview Street, Belfast. Ford Park Cemetery, Plymouth.

BUNTING, William John
RN. Stoker First Class. SS120870. Late RNR. HMS Queen Elizabeth. Demobbed 07/10/1919. Born Larne 31/08/1878. ADM 188/1126/120870

BURDEN, Thomas

RN. Chief Petty Officer 1st Cl. 188237. Medal entitlement issued to Coast Guard, Kingstown. Ballyvea. Annalong – PCI RH. ADM/171/97

RN. Stoker I. 361209. Enrolled 17/06/1904 for 12 years. Served to 31/12/1910. Joined RFR 01/01/1911. Served 13/07/1914 – 16/05/1919. War service in Jupiter, Charybdis, Suffolk, Vivid II, Ariadne and Challenger. Born Belfast 17/06/1886. ADM 188/549/361209

BURNETT, Herbert Edward
RNAS. LM. F12784. Enrolled 30/03/1916 for hostilities. President and Daedalus (Manston). Transferred to RAF 31/03/1918. Born Belfast 01/03/1880. ADM 188/585/12784

RN. Ldg. Btn. 204125. Boy service from 01/03/1899. Enrolled 27/02/1901 for 12 years. War service in Royal Arthur, Pembroke I, Columbine, Hermione, Halcyon, Island Prince, Attentive III and Colleen. Records cease 08/04/1919. Born Belfast 27/02/1883. ADM 188/355/204125

BURNIE, Samuel
Gunner. HMS Centurion. Greencastle. Whitehouse – PCI RH

BURNS, Dysart
RMA. Gunner. 3067. Enlisted 13/05/1918. Invalided 25/07/1918. Born Ballyarnett, Co. Londonderry 04/09/1895. Son of Margaret Burns, Steelstown, Co. Londonderry. Ballyarnett – PCI RH. ADM 159/100/3067

+BURNS, FG +++
Newry. Masonic RH.

BURNS, FG – Surgeon Commander, Mason, Down

+BURNS, John
RN. Sailmaker. 182612. HMS Queen Mary. Jutland. Died 31/05/1916. Aged 38. Served as O’Brien. Served in the South African War. Son of Bridget Burns, Crumlin Rd., Belfast; husband to Rachel Burns, Cottage View, Landport, Portsmouth. Portsmouth Naval Memorial. Panel 14

+BURNS, John
Petty Officer. HMS Queen Mary. Mill St, Belfast.

RN. Petty Officer. J25630. Boy service from 23/07/1913. Enrolled 07/10/1914 for 12 years. Re-engaged 20/11/1925. Served to 04/09/1928. War service in Vivid, Donegall Russell and Imperiuse. Born Belfast 07/10/1896. ADM 188/698/25630

BURNS, John Joseph
RN. Stoker. SS109483. Enrolled 15/12/1909 for 5 and 7 years. War service in London, Pembroke, Cressy, Hogue, Victory, and Indomitable. Invalided 28/08/1918. Born Lurgan 22/10/1891. ADM 188/1115/109483

RNR. 1917. Entered Royal School Dungannon 1907. Coalisland

BURNS, Michael
RN. AB. 230310. Boy service from 12/04/1904. Enrolled 26/02/1905 for 12 years. War service in Highflier, Auricula, Vivid I and Hecla. Demobbed 10/02/1919. Born Belfast 26/02/1887. ADM 188/407/230310

BURNS, Peter
RN. Stoker I. SS104972. Enrolled 29/04/1907 for 5 and 7 years. Served to 27/04/1912. Joined RFR 28/04/1912. Served 15/07/1914 – 31/12/1918, in Caesar, Pembroke and Idaho (P61). Born Belfast 13/03/1889. ADM 188/1110/104972

BURNS, Robert
RN. Seaman. J79918. Enrolled 02/101917 for hostilities. Vivid I and Cornwall. Demobbed 21/02/1919. Born Belfast 16/05/1899. ADM 188/806/79918

BURNS, Robert
RNR. Wounded. Balnamore, Co. Antrim. Drumreagh – PCI RH

BURNS, Theodore
RN. Stoker I. SS117661. Enrolled 18/09/1916 for 5 and 7 years. War service in Vivid II, Attentive II, Dolphin and Titania. Shore, time expired 17/09/1921. Born Belfast 31/12/1894. ADM 188/1123/117661

BURNS, Victor
RNAS. AC II. F46623. Enrolled 16/01/1918 for hostilities. President II, Chichester. Transferred to RAF 31/03/1918. Born Belfast 27/03/1898. ADM 188/638/46623

BURNS, William
RN. Seaman. J70346. Enrolled 08/05/1917 for hostilities. Served in Pembroke I, Dominion and Commonwealth. Demobbed 11/04/1919. Born Belfast 22/06/1896. ADM 188/787/70346

BURNS, William Andrew
RN. AB. SS1687. Enrolled 21/10/1906 for 5 and 7 years Served 31/10/1906 – 29/10/1911. Joined RFR 30/10/1911. War service in Jupiter, Vivid, Dido and Carnarvon, 02/08/1914 – 12/08/1918. See Shipwright II. M33684. In Vivid II and London. Demobbed 01/03/1919. Born Larne 25/08/1887. ADM 188/1095/1687

BURNS, William T
RN. Seaman. TBD. Conlig – PCI RH

RM. Captain. MCB 1895 – 98. Methodist College Belfast RH

RM Artillery. Captain. MiD. Son of the late Rev. SD Burnside. MCB 1985 – 98. Carryduff PCI-RH. Methodist College Belfast RH

BURROWS, Alexander
RN. AB. 207122. Served from 01/11/1899 – 07/08/1909. Joined RFR 08/08/1909. Served from 13/07/1914 to 03/03/1920 in Drake, Excellent, Victory I and Alert. Joined RFR 04/03/1920. Born Shankill, Belfast 09/08/1884. Snugville St., Belfast. ADM 188/361/207122

RNVR. Ord. Seaman. J54942. Enrolled 23/06/1916 for hostilities. War service in Vivid I, Valiant, Woolwich and Colombine. Demobbed 13/05/1919. Born Ballyfrenis, Co. Down 23/12/1892. Ballyfrenis United Free Church – PCI RH. ADM 188/756/54942

+BURT, Alfred John
RNVR. AB. R/2786. Anson Battalion RND. Died of wounds in 2nd Canadian General Hospital Le Treport 19/06/1918. Aged 22. Ex-70948 Private 2/1st Berks. Yeomanry, enlisted 30/05/1916, transferred to RND 16/06/1917 ; Draft for BEF 09/07/1917, joined Anson Battalion 30/08/1917-09/11/1917 sick, rejoined Anson Battalion 18/12/17-05/01/18. ICT Feet, Invalided to UK 15/01/1918 ; Draft for BEF 01/04/1918, joined Anson Battalion 08/04/1918-01/06/1918 wounded. Anson Battalion War Diary states 01/06/1918:- “Slight enemy barrage on our front line – one man wounded.”Born Bessbrook 06/12/1897. Son of Alfred B and Eleanor M Burt, Wrensbury, Nantwich. Mont Huon Military Cemetery, Le Treport, France. Bessbrook WM. ADM339

BURTON, Edward T
RND. Fleet Surgeon. Medical Unit Blandford. N of K Wife, c/o McDowell, Wellington Pk., Belfast. ADM339

BURTON, Ernest
RN. Leading Seaman. J11103. Boy service from 28/04/1911. Enrolled 06/06/1913 for 12 years. War service in Highflyer, Vivid I, Defiance, Leander (TB 14), St. George, Victory II, Dolphin, Arrogant and Titania. Invalided 22/07/1920. Born Belfast 06/06/1895. ADM 188/669/11103

BURTON, William
RN. AB. 222922. Boy service from 01/06/1887. Enrolled 01/06/1905 for 12 years. War service in New Zealand and Vivid I. Demobbed 14/03/1919. Born Belfast 01/06/1887. ADM 188/392/222922

BURWOOD, Alexander William
AB. 234049. HMS Thunderer, Jutland. Enrolled 07/03/1907. War service in Vivid, New Zealand, Prince George and Thunderer (24/05/1916 – 02/06/19190. Joined RFR 03/06/1914. Served to 10/06/1921. Born Belfast 07/03/1889. ADM 188/415/234049

Stoker First Class. K25157. HMS Boadicea, Jutland. Enrolled 18/03/1915. War service in Pembroke II, Hibernia, Boadicea (17/08/1915 – 11/12/1917). Demobbed 17/02/1919. Born Belfast 25/11/1889. Bloomfield Avenue, Belfast. Megain Memorial – PCI RHADM 188/917/25157

RNR. AB Ballymaccarrett Masonic Lodge, Belfast

RNR. Arthur Square Masonic Lodge, Belfast

BYERS, Robert
RN. SS106461. Served 09/01/1908 – 18/01/1913. Joined RFR 19/01/1913. Served 13/03/1913 – 17/11/1914 in Pembroke II, Tyne and Duncan. “Enlisted in 4th Battalion, Royal Irish Rifles. Not claimed for further service in RN.” Born Belfast 01/12/1883. ADM 188/1112/106461

BYERS, Richard William
RN. AB. SS3478. Served from 31/12/1910. War service in Vivid I, Warspite, Delphinium, Victorious II, Colleen, Hecla and Gibraltar. Demobbed 28/12/1919. Born Belfast 14/11/1892. ADM 188/1097/3478

BYERS, Robert James.
RN. Writer. HMS Canopus. Newington Avenue, Belfast. Fortwilliam – PCI RH
(A Petty Officer Stoker, Robbert James Byers, Born Carndonagh, Donegal served from 1904 -1926. He was in Canopus from 30/07/1914 – 05/05/1916).

BYERS, Sidney alias Samuel Alfred
Petty Officer. 239309. HMS Conqueror. Jutland. Enrolled 18/12/1907 for 12 years. Re-engaged 16/12/1919. Served to 10/06/1928. In Conqueror 25/02/1913 – 13/02/1919. Born Belfast 18/12/1889. Newington Avenue, Belfast. Fortwilliam – PCI RH. ADM 188/425/239309

RNR. Sub. Lieutenant. “Lieut. H. E. Byrne was home on leave in Ballycastle.  He was an engineer in the Royal Naval Reserve”. Ramoan Parish Church RH

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