January 5. Newspaper reports from 1915. Bushmills VC welcome. Roll of Honour

Read from the Belfast Newsletter on this day in 1915. It carried excerpts from a letter from Driver Fred Thomas, of Roden Street describing his experiences of Christmas at the Front. Each man “was allowed three pints of beer. We had plum-pudding and plenty of tobacco…” There was also an account of the events at Limavady Railway Station when the party of the 10th (Service) Battalion Royal Inniskillings, which had been home on leave from Finner Camp, left to resume duty. The Northern Whig reported on the arrival home to Bushmills the previous day of Robert Quigg VC on two weeks leave. Joseph McLaughlin of Limavady and the Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers died in 1917. Robert Gunn from Ligoniel was lost in HM Submarine P 48 in 1943. He was aged 18. One of the most criminal incidents occured this day in 1945 when Signalman  David Millar from Stewartstown was executed whilst being a Japanese prisoner of war. He had been taken captive in Singapore in 1942. Photo – Wolfhound Major Robert Moore, with wolfhound Brian Boru X, the mascot of the Royal Irish Regiment, pictured on the Giant’s Causeway. 

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