January 05 – Roll of Honour


Today’s Roll records one of the greatest war crimes. Signalman David Millar from Stewartstown was executed in 1945 as a Japanese prisoner of war. He had been taken captive in Singapore in 1942. Photo – Wolfhound Major Robert Moore, with wolfhound Brian Boru X, the mascot of the Royal Irish Regiment, pictured on the Giant’s Causeway

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January 04 – Roll of Honour


Moving accounts of the wartime funeral of a young RAF man from Lurgan and the death of 6 Skins Adjutant caused by an air attack on a car he was in, form part of today’s Roll of Remembrance. Photo – Goat Major Fusilier Matthew Owen of 1st Battalion The Royal Welsh with Llywelyn, the regimental goat. Queen Victoria presented the first official goat in 1844. Read More

January 03 – Roll of Honour


RSM Paul Dockrell of 3 Regiment Army Air Corps, with Zephyr, a female bald eagle adopted by the Army Air Corps at their HQ in Middle Wallop, Hampshire, as its first mascot in 2011. In today’s Roll of Honour a Belfast submariner lost in 1918, a Derry seaman who was at Jutland and survived the war, and the RN Officer who recovered the Enigma machine. Read More

January 02 – Roll of Honour


On This Day in 1945 Admiral Sir Bertram Ramsay and four Royal Navy staff, (Cdr Rowell, LtCdr Lewis, Lt Henderson, PO Morgan), died when their plane crashed on take off from Toussus-le-Noble near Paris. Ramsay was responsible for Dunkirk evacuation and the Naval Forces on D-Day. Read More

January 01 – 547 lost in HMS Formidable


The first day of 1915 did not go well for the Royal Navy. Whilst on Channel patrol, in bad weather, the battleship HMS Formidable was torpedoed off Portland Bill at 0220 by U-24. 45 minutes later she was hit by a second torpedo. She remained afloat until 0345 and then sank, her Captain, Noel Loxley, remaining on the bridge accompanied by his Fox terrier ‘Bruce’. She sank quickly with 547 of the 780 crew perishing. Five from NI were lost. Read More

January 01 – Roll of Honour


Amongst our Veterans today is one who was serving with 1st NIH Regiment when it was dismounted and converted to a cyclist unit, serving as corps cyclists to V Corps for the remainder of the war. He was one of four NIH who were affected by mustard gas bombardment at Beaumont Hamel. Photo – Pony Major Pte Mike Cochrane of the Parachute Regiment with Pegasus V in front of a Second World War Dakota aircraft at Colchester Barracks

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December 31 – Roll of Honour

On This Day in 1918, William Leefe Robinson VC died. He was the first to shoot down a German airship over Britain and received the Victoria Cross. Months later he was later shot down and taken prisoner. After the war, he was repatriated but, weakened, contracted the Spanish flu. OTD in 1944 there was quite a good party in 38 Irish Brigade HQ in Italy. See here – Read More