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June 07 – Battle of Messines 1917. RUR on D Day +1

The Battle of Messines in WW1 had the biggest bomb before the atomic bomb. Fusilier John Meeke of the unionist 36th Ulster Division was awarded the Military Medal for rescuing Major Willie Redmond of the nationalist 16th Irish Division. Now a site of the…

June 06. D-Day – Rifleman Billy Moore. Roll of Honour

D-Day through the accounts of Lisburn’s Billy Moore of the Royal Ulster Rifles. Eisenhower’s Message to the forces. Stats in graphic form and On This Day account. Photo – Montgomery addresses his Irish soldiers.

The Royal Ulster Rifles at Dunkirk

Bala Bredin’s recollections; How 338,000 Allied troops were saved in ‘miracle of deliverance’; 40 Facts about Dunkirk; The Dunkirk Memorial

March 24 – Operation Varsity Roll of Honour

The Battle Honour RHINE was awarded to The Royal Ulster Rifles for its actions during the Rhine crossing in Operation Plunder in which Operation Varsity was key, between 23 March and 1 April 1945. The distinction has been carried forward and is emblazoned on…

July 9 – Roll of Honour

Ypres Reservoir Cemetery

June 9 – Northern Ireland at D Day

4. – The fourth in a series about NI people on D Day. Richard Keegan from Lurgan served with 2nd Battalion Royal Ulster Rifles who were addressed by General Sir Bernard Montgomery from the bonnet of a jeep, after carrying out an inspection of…